Venetian plaster as a substitute for an ancient interior

Among the numerous ways to obtain texture on the walls with paint, Venetian plaster is one of the most durable and reliable. Its rough surface is achieved through a combination of material and application technique. Unlike ordinary paint finishes, a liquid, putty-like substance is applied to the surfaces in several very thick layers with a spatula and brush.

These numerous layers make the final product much thicker, imitating natural stone. This also means that the surface is extremely durable – so much so that it can even be used outdoors. Despite the thick and textural structure, Venetian plaster is soft and smooth to the touch. Plus, it gets even better with age and wear. This makes it a smart choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It will look equally beautiful in rooms with less traffic.

Venetian plaster – how and where?

This technique was popularized during the Roman Empire in Venice. It was a simpler and cheaper way to get the look of a natural and precious stone using water and limestone minerals. It is recommended that Venetian plaster be professionally mixed and installed. Today, however, there are many cheaper and easier to install options. Many modern paint brands have finishes that give a similar effect to natural stone and stucco. All these products come in different shades, which allows you to experiment with color.

Venetian plaster is also great for creating a rich look that cannot be achieved with ordinary paints. Designers love it for its ability to warm previously sterile spaces with variations and colors that create movement and depth. Its beauty lies in imperfections.


Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster and its modern counterparts are perfectly up to the task. Regardless of whether you want to give a new building a touch of romance or you are trying to restore its former glory. It is worth investing in this technique to enjoy an unusual, durable and elegant interior wall finish. Thanks to the wide range of available colors and shades, Venetian plaster allows you to experiment. At the same time, it can be adapted to individual preferences, while maintaining its unique properties.

Therefore, more and more people decide to use Venetian plaster and its modern equivalents. This timeless material combines elegance, functionality and durability, making it a perfect solution for various types of interiors.

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