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Pura Blanca ECO Lamps – new, snow-white lampshades in the Kolora Spektro collection

Brighten up your interior in an ecological way with the new collection of lamp shades for ECO Lamp! Our collection of ecological lamp shades has expanded with five new products. The ECO Lamp Kolora Spektro series has been enriched with models Fantomo, Krono, Turo, Vinbero and Vortico – all in a classic, snow-white color. ECO lamps have the features of our flagship lamps, illuminating rooms with clean, warm light. They are also offered at new, very attractive prices.

ECO Lamps from the Kolora Spektro collection are made of a popular biomaterial based on corn starch (polylactide). It is fully biodegradable and compostable under industrial conditions, as defined by the EN 13432 standard. Biobase comes from non-GMO (genetically modified) sources. Polylactide also meets the conditions for contact with food (which is of secondary importance in the case of ECO Lamp lampshades).

When using our ECO Lamps, we recommend using E27 LED bulbs, 5-15W. It should also be remembered that the biomaterials used have lower temperature resistance than ordinary synthetic plastics based on fossil fuels. Temperatures of 80-100°C / 175-210°F cause the material to become plastic (don’t worry – it won’t melt, but it may deform). Follow our recommendations, use ecological LED light and take advantage of what bioplastics offer to the environment.

Our latest collection of lampshades is not only expressive design, but also functionality and care for the environment. Made of the highest quality materials, our lampshades are not only durable, but also easy to clean. Thanks to an innovative approach to production, we minimize the negative impact on the planet while offering high quality lighting. In our collection you will find lampshades tailored to any interior – from minimalist forms to more classic designs. Regardless of your taste, with our lampshades you will create a unique atmosphere in any room.

New ECO Lamps are offered at the following prices:

  • FANTOMO: 120 PLN / 28 EUR
  • KRONO: 130 PLN / 30 EUR
  • TURO: 100 PLN / 24 EUR
  • VINBERO: 100 PLN / 24 EUR
  • VORTICO: 400 PLN / 93 EUR

ECO Lamps can be ordered here.

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