Sustainable luxury: how new technologies are revolutionizing interior design

In the field of interior design, luxury and sustainability are often seen as separate paths. However, GREENFILL3D harmonizes these elements through the line of ECO Lamps, luxurious furniture and numerous accessories offered under the COLORISED brand. In this way, we prove that new technologies, such as additive manufacturing, are changing the interior finishing segment in a pro-ecological way.

The essence of GREENFILL3D’s innovative approach to lighting and interior finishing is the use of 3D printing technology, enabling the creation of complex, non-standard products that meet the highest standards of both luxury and sustainability. The COLORISED line includes everything – from elegant, modern shades for ECO Lamps to elegant, durable home-decor accessories, which are entirely made of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics.

This technology allows for precision and design versatility that traditional production methods cannot match. GREENFILL3D designers have the freedom to experiment with complex patterns and shapes that are only possible with 3D printing, resulting in unique, eye-catching pieces that are also environmentally friendly.

Sustainability at its core


Each element of the COLORISED line is made of environmentally friendly materials derived from renewable raw materials, such as potato or corn starch. Not only are these materials better for the environment, but they also provide the durability and finish needed for high-end interior design.

Moreover, GREENFILL3D’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials used. The 3D printing process itself minimizes waste by using only the amount of material necessary to make each item, unlike traditional production processes that involve cutting off large portions of unused materials.

Eco-friendly luxury in every detail

One of the outstanding products in the COLORISED line are ECO Lamps. Designed to capture the elegance and warmth of traditional lampshades while supporting sustainability, being an example of how luxury and eco-friendliness can coexist. Their organic, fluid designs are not only visually stunning, but also embody the principles of zero-waste production.

Likewise, protective frames for light switches and electrical outlets blend seamlessly with any sophisticated interior while emphasizing the homeowner’s commitment to sustainability. These small but significant touches give consumers the opportunity to make eco-friendly choices without compromising on style and quality.

Transformation of space and perception


The impact of the COLORISED line goes beyond aesthetic enrichment of interiors. It challenges the conventional boundaries between high-end design and ecological responsibility. It promotes lifestyle choices that value both beauty and care for the natural environment. GREENFILL3D continues to develop the COLORISED line by integrating 3D printing technology with sustainable practices, setting new standards in the industry. In a world where design and sustainability are increasingly intertwined, the COLORISED line by GREENFILL3D is a beacon for the future, showing that true luxury lies in harmony with nature.

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