Stretch fabrics – stretch ceilings and fabric walls

COLORISED offers stretch fabrics used for stretch ceilings and walls. This is an alternative product to stretch ceilings made of PVC foil, which is very popular in Western Europe and increasingly installed in Poland.

Fabric stretch ceilings are the latest trend in the interior design industry in Western Europe. Customers in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, France or the UK are increasingly abandoning PVC foil stretch ceilings in favor of fabric because:

  • Are environmentally friendly (fabric instead of plastic)
  • are healthier to use (the cheapest PVC foils imported from China do not always meet European safety requirements)
  • Are non-flammable (typical PVC foil melt and burn)
  • are better acoustically
  • Are airy.

Stretch fabrics – offer

COLORISED’s offering is based on its partnership with TILLE, which has specialized in the manufacture and installation of fabric stretch ceilings and walls for years. Importantly, both companies are Polish, operating locally and supporting local suppliers, which translates into fast delivery and even faster service. When contacting us you will always talk in English.

Our fabrics come in two widths: 320 cm or 505 cm and lengths up to 50 mb. This allows one piece of fabric to cover large ceiling areas or entire walls.

stretch fabrics

We currently have four types of fabrics on offer:

  • traditional (default), with the possibility of adding printing of full-color graphics and designs
  • two for backlight installation
  • Acoustic, reducing reverberation in the room.

The product portfolio will be gradually expanded.

In addition to fabrics, we also offer dedicated fabric profiles. Importantly, you can also use the profiles on which the PVC film stretch ceilings have been installed – for this purpose you need to use a special silicone insert, which is available in our offer. This is a simple way to ensure that customers who already have a stretch ceiling made of PVC foil can easily replace it with fabric.

Stretch fabrics – advantages

Stretch fabrics have a number of advantages over PVC foil, including in the area of installation. The first big difference is a matter of sizing. The PVC foil stretch ceiling must be measured accurately with all diagonals, and the dimensions must be transferred to a computer program. Based on the design made in the program, the stretch ceiling is die-cut to shape (taking into account the dimensional correction for film stretch) and finished with a harpoon that allows its installation to profiles. In the case of fabric, it is incomparably simpler – the ceiling is cut from a roll with an extra margin, and the target shape is cut at the installation site. There is no need for harpoons – the fabric is clipped into a special mounting profile with a simple tool.

This significantly reduces measurement errors, the need to apply corrections and complaints.

The second major difference is the use of an open flame (heater) to set up a PVC foil stretch ceiling. In the case of fabrics, there is no need for this. In fact, the only mounting accessories are spatulas for clipping the fabric into sections and a tailor’s knife or scissors for trimming it.

The third difference is that there is no need for guard rings when mounting lighting. When a hole is cut in the stretched fabric, it does not expand and there is no risk of snatching as with PVC foil.

Installation of stretch fabric is much simpler, faster and less invasive, which is especially important in furnished apartments and small spaces.

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Find out what advantages stretch fabrics have over other interior finishing techniques? Where will tension fabrics fail? How much does it cost to install them? What is the question of printing your own graphics? Contact us to find out the answers to these questions….

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