COLORISED – eco-friendly solutions for luxury interiors

COLORISED is a provider of eco-friendly solutions for luxury interiors. We offer products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally friendly. We offer only organic, natural and handmade products that combine sustainability with high quality craftsmanship.

Our commitment to ecology and sustainability is deeply rooted in every aspect of our business. We provide products made of organic, natural materials from organic sources. All the products we offer are based on wood or bioplastics – materials that are biodegradable or compostable, which minimizes their impact on the environment.

ECO Lamps – biodegradable lamp shades

We are a supplier of ECO LAMP SHADES – an original line of lamp shades that use biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, produced in accordance with the principles of a closed-circuit and zero-waste economy. Lamp shades for ECO Lamps not only offer unique shapes and unique colors, but are also made of materials doped with natural raw materials, such as wheat bran or distillery grains. Our lampshades are fully biodegradable in industrial conditions or compostable in home conditions, which makes them unique in the lighting industry.


Brilanta Brano

Wheat bran

Kompoŝtebla Amelo

Potato starch

Kolora Spektro


All of the lamps we offer are fully biodegradable under industrial conditions or compostable at home. These products are entirely made in Poland, and in their production we use only certified bioplastics produced by Polish companies, which are leaders in the plastic processing market in Europe.

Luxury furniture, mirrors, doors and stairs

We offer exclusive handmade furniture, mirrors, staircases and front doors. These are unique products, produced in low batches with the possibility of personalization. Handmade gives each product a unique character and soul. The furniture comes in sophisticated colors – from elegant white and deep black, to special colors. In addition, virtually every one of them is accented with gold trim. These colors give the furniture a special and exclusive character and make it stand out.

The presented collection of furniture is synonymous with luxury. They are designed for the most demanding customers who are looking for uniqueness and elegance. They are not only beautiful, but also made of the highest quality materials, which makes them durable and resistant to the passage of time.

Visit our showroom – luxury furniture in Łódź

Contact us to learn the details of the offer – dimensions, adaptation to a given space, delivery method, etc. Luxurious furniture is available for viewing live in our showroom in Łódź, located at ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 36B. We have a parking lot for customers. Go to the CONTACT page to find out how to reach us and arrange an individual visit.

Home staging

Rental of exclusive accessories and furniture for photo sessions of apartments and houses

We offer a unique range of accessories designed for home staging professionals. We have a wide selection of modern vases and sophisticated, geometric decorations (home decor), which will be perfect as decorative elements on tables, cabinets and chests of drawers during photo sessions. All products are available for rent, which is the most economical solution for people who want to give the presented apartments and houses a unique character and style.

Creating the right atmosphere when presenting properties is a key aspect of their sale, which is why our offer also includes the possibility of renting exclusive Art Nouveau furniture. We offer elegant tables, chairs, mirrors, chests of drawers, pouffes and wooden fireplaces that will add unique charm and class to any interior. All our products are carefully selected and maintained to the highest standard, which guarantees their excellent condition and high quality.

We invite you to take advantage of our rental offer, which will allow you to create unforgettable arrangements and attract the attention of potential buyers.

At COLORISED, we combine ecology and sustainability with exclusivity and luxury. Our products are proof that sustainable solutions can also be subtle, elegant and stylish. We work with leading designers to ensure that our products are not only environmentally friendly, but also meet the highest aesthetic standards.

Specialists, educators and innovators

COLORISED is run by high-level specialists in new technology, consulting, sales and marketing. For 20 years we have been engaged in business and technical education, and for over 10 years in spreading knowledge and information with the help of modern technological solutions.

COLORISED (formerly CD3D) is one of the best-known companies operating in the additive manufacturing market in Poland. Over the years, we have made it possible for the vast majority of companies in the industry to come to market, as well as helped countless manufacturing and service companies implement new technologies. We have had a key impact on the development of the 3D printing market in Poland and the popularization of additive technologies among institutional as well as individual users.

Starting in 2023. we do the same for the interior finishing industry.

COLORISED history:

January 2013: launch of 3D Printing Center – the first portal of the Polish AM industry
March 2014: creation of the first Polish COMPANY DATABASE for the 3D printing industry
July 2014: start of training and consulting activities
November 2014: co-organization of 3D Show at Warsaw University of Technology
December 2014: holding the world’s first plebiscite for the best companies and products in the global 3D printing industry
March 2015: organization of the first in a series of conferences dedicated to promoting 3D printing in industry and education
April 2015: the creation of CD3D Sp. z o.o. – a publishing and training company
March 2016: launch of 3D Printing Center, the English-language version of the 3D Printing Center portal
January 2019: CD3D creates SKAFFOSYS – the first Polish bioprinter
March 2020: 3D Printing Center co-organizes nationwide campaign to produce protective visors for medics
May 2020: CD3D enters into partnership with Chile’s Copper3D and begins production of innovative protective masks made of antibacterial materials with copper nanoparticles
January 2023: the creation of the COLORISED brand
September 2023: company name change from CD3D to COLORISED
October 2023: World premiere of ECO Lamp collection
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