Design your own ECO Lamp

All ECO Lamps are original designs, which means that we invent and design them ourselves. Thus, we will be happy to create a unique ECO Lamp for you, according to your idea, design or pattern. The presented collection of ECO Lamp is only a small part of what we are able to realize. When designing an ECO Lamp, it should be approached on several independent levels:

  • Creating the geometry of the ECO Lamp – here we have practically unlimited design freedom; if we can’t make something, it means that it can’t be made at all (however, we have some restrictions on the size of a single element)
  • wybór kategorii materiału – do dyspozycji mamy trzy grupy (które sukcesywnie będą rozwijane o kolejne pozycje):
    • wheat bran
    • potato starch
    • cornstarch
  • A selection of properties of a particular material:
    • Biodegradability or compostability (these are two different processes!)
    • color (there are more than 100 variants to choose from that vary in hue, shade and saturation)
    • special properties (glitter, metallic sheen, multicolor tonal transitions, mix of two colors, high translucency or none at all, antibacterial)
  • A selection of accessories and add-ons:
    • color of braid made of fabric
    • type of bulb (wattage, light color and shape)
    • type and color of headliner.

When designing the ECO Lamp, it is worth remembering that the selection of all the above-mentioned parameters will be exposed differently depending on whether the lamp is extinguished or illuminated. We have a great deal of experience in this area, so we are happy to share it with you.

Here are some ECO Lamp concepts made of unusual and non-standard materials:

How to order your own ECO Lamp?

1. Contact us

Send us an email at Describe what kind of ECO Lamp you need: what size, what color, what quantities and what material?

2. Send us your project

The project can be prepared either as a sketch on a piece of paper, or as an electronic version (2D or 3D). We will determine the file formats beforehand.

3. We verify the design and optimize it

Based on the designs, we create 3D models optimized for production. We will consult on possible amendments on an ongoing basis. Once the project is approved, we will inform you of the production time.

4. We manufacture ECO Lamps and deliver them

We are launching production. When we complete it, we send pictures of the finished ECO Lamp – you pay the invoice, we deliver the order to the address you specify.

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