Biodegradable and compostable

ECO Lamps


ECO Lamps is a proprietary line of lamp shades developed by COLORISED in cooperation with leading Polish companies specializing in the supply of eco-friendly biomaterials, in line with the principles of the circular economy and zero-waste.

Made in the EU

ECO Lamp shades are manufactured in Poland, by Polish companies, using only Polish materials. All other components and accessories are manufactured in the EU. Only low-carbon production methods are used in their manufacture.


Eco-friendly solutions for luxury interiors

COLORISED is a provider of exclusive products and solutions for interior finishing. We offer organic, natural and handmade products that combine sustainability with high quality.

Ecology and sustainability

We provide products made of organic, natural materials of organic origin.


All furniture, mirrors, stairs or doors are handicrafts. They do not come from Asia and are not a mass product.

Natural raw materials

All of the products offered are based on either wood or bioplastics – biodegradable or compostable.

Exclusive and luxurious

Ecology and sustainability can be subtle, elegant and stylish. Our products prove it.

Luxury furniture

Hand-made wooden furniture, mirrors, entrance doors and stair covers

COLORISED has a collection of exclusive furniture, for people who appreciate excellent design, high-quality finishing and fine materials. Presented tables, chairs, dressers or sofas are handmade in limited series, which makes each collection unique and unrepeatable. The furniture is not mass-produced – it is made in a traditional, handcrafted way.

Visit our showroom – luxury furniture in Łódź

COLORISED offers a line of unique furniture addressed to lovers of refined style, precise workmanship and luxurious materials. Our products – tables, chairs, chests of drawers and sofas – are handmade by craftsmen in small, limited series, which gives them a uniqueness and character that is impossible to obtain in mass production.

The furniture can be seen live in our showroom located in Łódź, at 36B Mikołaja Kopernika Street. The offer includes sets of tables and chairs, coffee sets, lounge sets, chests of drawers, consoles and mirrors. Furniture can be purchased on site or ordered transport from the central warehouse located in western Poland.

The offered furniture can be used both in a house or apartment, as well as in a company, a beauty salon, a restaurant, a hotel or a guesthouse. They will be perfect for offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms and common areas.

Visit us and see them live. The photos do not reflect their scale, class of finishing or the unique artistry with which they were made…

Home staging

Other products

COLORISED supplies a number of specialized products related to broadly understood interior finishing:

  • stretched fabrics – used for stretched ceilings and walls; it is an alternative product to stretch ceilings made of PVC foil, very popular in Western Europe and increasingly installed in Poland
  • protective frames – under light switches or electrical sockets, which have a protective and aesthetic function; traditional protective frames are very limited in terms of colors – our offer includes them in a very wide range of colors (over 100 unique colors) and can also be covered with individual graphics with a QR code or BAR code
  • protective rings (O-rings) – used to strengthen the surface of stretch ceilings in places of mounting holes for lighting, pipes, inspections and others; we offer rings made of unique materials, unavailable from other manufacturers
  • special tools – for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC foil and fabrics, as well as LED lighting installed in mounting profiles.

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