Wood in the Bathroom: New Trend in Arrangement

The bathroom is a private place that requires creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Natural materials, delicate colors and the warmth of wood give the interior a unique character. More and more often, we choose wood in the bathroom to give it a cozy look and provide a feeling of warmth.

Wood in the bathroom – parameters

Floors and wall coverings made of wood are a common choice. However, it is worth taking into account the parameters of the wood. Solid wood is suitable for the floor, but it is worth paying attention to its shrinkage and hardness. Polish wood species, such as larch or oak, are chosen due to their quality and durability. There are also exotic species that are hard, such as teak or merbau.

Installing wood in the bathroom

When installing wood, it is important to choose the right glue, especially for the floor. Polyurethane adhesives and MS polymers work well in humid rooms where wood is exposed to moisture. The adhesive should be flexible to respond to the natural movements of the wood. During installation, it is worth using a moisture-proof layer on the floor and a protective foil on the walls.

Wood protection

Oiling wood is a way to protect it against moisture, which ensures its durability. There are many types of oils that protect the wood and preserve its natural appearance. It is important to test on a small area before oiling to match the color to your expectations. Wood in the bathroom is an innovative solution that can give the interior a unique character. Properly protected wood not only adds coziness, but also retains its durability in a humid environment. If appropriate parameters are maintained, wood in the bathroom can be a durable and aesthetic element of the arrangement.

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