Optimal Dimensions in the Bathroom: Comfort and Functionality

Bathroom renovation is a process that requires attention and care. Investing in this area of the house often involves financial outlays, but also decisions that will affect the comfort of everyday use. So let’s look at some key aspects, such as bathroom dimensions, that will affect the functionality of this room.

Dimensions in the bathroom – height for comfort

When installing a washbasin, height is a key element. Typically, it is placed at a height of 75-80 cm from the floor, but it is always worth adapting it to the needs of the household members. Taller people may prefer a washbasin placed slightly higher, about 85 cm. However, too much difference in height may cause discomfort for shorter users, so it is worth finding a golden mean. Taller users may prefer a washbasin placed slightly higher, about 85 cm.

Special solutions for children

For the convenience of the youngest, it is worth considering installing a separate washbasin, adapted to their height. However, remember that children grow quickly, so this solution may be short-lived.

Taking into account the height of the toilet

Dimensions of bathroom fittings

The installation of a toilet has its own height guidelines. Typically, for a person of average height, it is about 40-45 cm from the floor. Suspended bowls introduce an additional variable, so it is important to adjust their height to the needs of household members.

Appropriate distances

Not only the height, but also the distances between devices are important. In larger bathrooms, it is worth paying attention to the proportions and distances between individual elements. It is recommended to maintain a distance from the wall or shower cabin of minimum 10 cm for small washbasins, and 20-30 cm for larger ones.

Dimensions in the bathroom, i.e. appropriate proportions for functionality

The distances between the sink and the toilet should be at least 20 cm. To ensure the convenience of using both devices. The dimensions provided are only suggestions, but maintaining them can significantly improve the comfort of everyday use of the bathroom. Correctly matched devices will not only increase comfort, but also make the room more functional. When planning a renovation, it is worth paying attention to those details that can make the bathroom an ideal place for everyday use.

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