Small bathroom – ways to visually enlarge the interior

Owners of small apartments often face the challenge of a small bathroom. This room, which is supposed to be functional and aesthetic, may be difficult to optimally utilize the space, which is often lacking. Here are some ways to effectively use even 3-4 square meters.

Small bathroom – plan wisely

When starting the renovation or arrangement of a small bathroom, an action plan is crucial. Measuring the room, taking into account constraints such as sewage pipes, and estimating space for toilets and furniture are crucial. Learn the tricks of optically enlarging space.

1. Correct lighting

Appropriate lighting can visually enlarge the bathroom. Create several points of light by choosing bulbs that provide white light.

2. Colors

Bright, cool colors such as white or gray will optically enlarge the space.

3. Selection of tiles

The variety of shapes and sizes of tiles offers a number of possibilities. Small or large wall tiles will affect the appearance of the room. Their arrangement also plays a role in optically extending or widening the space.

4. Small bathroom and separate laundry room

If your bathroom lacks space for a laundry room, moving it can free up space in your bathroom.

5. The power of mirrors

Mirrors visually enlarge rooms, so use them carefully in small spaces.

6. Keep things tidy

A small bathroom seems larger when it is kept clean and tidy, so limit the number of visible items.

This article is only an introduction to the possibilities of arranging small bathrooms. When planning a renovation, it is worth contacting specialists who can adapt the strategy to the specific needs and possibilities of the space.

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