Hanging lamps as the key to an impressive living room

Nowadays, interior design requires more and more attention and precision. One of the elements that can significantly affect the atmosphere in a room is lighting. Hanging lamps, although undoubtedly effective, can be a challenge for people arranging interiors. In this post, we present the key aspects that are worth paying attention to when choosing hanging lamps for your living room.

Hanging lamps have been very popular in interior design for years. After years of domination of minimalist plafonds, hanging lamps are back, attracting the eye with their unique aesthetics. When choosing this type of lighting, it is worth remembering that its proper adjustment to the room may be difficult due to its larger dimensions. Important parameters, such as the length of the overhangs and the size of the lampshades, have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the living room.


It is worth paying attention to the mounting height of hanging lamps, which should be selected depending on the size of the living room. In standard rooms with a height of 2.5 m, the lamp shade should be up to 80 cm from the ceiling, preferably at a height of 1.9-2.1 m from the floor. If the lamp is to hang above the table, it should be placed slightly lower, at a height of about 1.5-1.7 m from the floor. In the case of good models of hanging lamps, you can count on adjustable overhangs that make it easier to adjust the lighting to individual needs.

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An extremely important element of choosing a hanging lamp is the color of the light. When choosing a light source, it is worth paying attention to the luminous flux (expressed in lumens), which determines the light intensity. In salons, sources with a warm color of light (2200-3000K) are often used, which are conducive to relaxation. A neutral color (4000K), similar to daylight, can be a universal solution.

The last aspect of choosing a hanging lamp is its style, which should match the arrangement of the living room. Fans of the industrial style should pay attention to loft models that draw on industrial design, while supporters of the Scandinavian style should focus on pleasant, warm and economical forms. The choice of the color of the lamp is equally important – it is best that it harmonizes with the color of the walls, creating a coherent whole.


Choosing the right pendant lamp for the living room is crucial for creating an effective and cozy interior. It is worth paying attention to such aspects as the length of the overhangs, the size of the lampshades, the height of the assembly, the color of the light and the style of the lamp. Thanks to this, we can create an interior that will delight our guests and provide us with complete relaxation after a hard day.

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