Air curtain and room heating: what is worth knowing?

An air curtain is a device known for its role in preventing the loss of warm or cold air from inside buildings. They can often be found in high-traffic places, such as shopping malls, hotels, and warehouses. But can air curtains also function as room heating?

The role of the air curtain

Air curtains create a barrier to outside air, preventing heat loss or cold air from entering. Additionally, they protect against insects, undesirable odors, exhaust fumes and other pollutants. Their use is diverse and may cover places with different requirements.

Air curtain and heating

Air curtains can be equipped with a heater that heats the air before it escapes into the room. Devices with water or electric heaters are available on the market. The heating power of curtains with heaters usually ranges from 3 kW to approximately 40 kW.

However, it is worth noting that although these curtains can have a heating function, they are not dedicated heating systems. Therefore, their selection and use require certain considerations:

  • Parameter Control: Air curtains with a heating function should be equipped with temperature and airflow force regulators to adapt them to the needs.
  • Selecting the Right Model: The choice of air curtain should be based on the opening width and installation height, not only on the heating power. Taking into account the room’s energy demand is crucial, and the assessment should take into account building parameters and the temperature inside the room.
  • Heating Time: Air curtains take much longer to heat a room compared to traditional heating systems because this is not their main function.
  • Noise Level: The operation of air curtains generates noise, which may be important, especially in smaller rooms. The noise level ranges from approximately 49 dB to 70 dB.
air curtain


Heating a room with an air curtain is possible. However, due to its main purpose, the use of dedicated heating systems, such as an air heater, seems to be a better solution. The choice is wide, which allows you to tailor the solution to your individual needs. Ultimately, the decision to use an air curtain as part of the heating system depends on the specific conditions and requirements of the room.

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