ECO Lampa

This is not ordinary plastic… It’s a bioplastic made from compostable potato starch!

COLORISED, specializing in providing exclusive interior finishing products, announces the expansion of its offer with a new group of products – compostable ECO Lamps. The lamps are made of fully compostable potato starch, which is a response to the growing market demand for ecological and sustainable solutions in the luxury interior segment.

The thermoplastic starch used to produce ECO Lamps is a material developed by Grupa Azoty S.A. It is characterized by the fact that it is fully compostable, which is confirmed by the TÜV Austria certificate. In our tests, this material decomposed in the soil within a few weeks of being buried. Regardless of these properties, thermoplastic starch provides unique aesthetic values, presenting itself in a noble, pearly color. ECO Lamps made of this material emit warm light, perfectly imitating milky glass.

The introduction of ECO Lamps from the Kompoŝtebla Amelo series to the COLORISED offer is an important step towards promoting a sustainable lifestyle and a responsible approach to the environment. These lamps are not only aesthetically attractive, but also constitute an ecological alternative to traditional lighting products. Their unique design and quality of workmanship make them ideally suited to the needs of customers looking for luxurious, but at the same time ecologically conscious solutions for their interiors.

At COLORISED, we are convinced that ECO Lamps will become an important element of our commercial offer, offering customers the opportunity to choose products that are both elegant and environmentally friendly. Our lamps combine the latest technological achievements with attention to detail and high quality of workmanship, which is consistent with the philosophy of our company. ECO Lamps are proof that luxury and ecology can go hand in hand.

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