Gold? Silver? Or maybe both…? Here’s our new, phenomenal Ora Arĝento ECO Lamp

COLORISED, specializing in the sale of ecological products for luxurious interiors, announces the introduction of a new ECO Lamp called Ora Arĝento to its offer. This unique hanging lamp, made of biodegradable corn starch, is distinguished by the unusual effect of a tonal transition from gold to silver, depending on the angle of incidence of light. This is a product that perfectly fits the COLORISED philosophy, combining innovation, luxury and care for the natural environment.

Ora Arĝento is made of material developed by ROSAPLAST, a company that creates high-quality biodegradable thermoplastic materials. The bioplastic used to produce ECO Lamps is an innovative combination of two colors, achieved thanks to an advanced co-extrusion process. This effect gives the lamp a unique character and makes it a unique decorative element in any room.

The use of corn starch in the production of Ora Arĝento is an expression of COLORISED’s commitment to promoting sustainable development. The biodegradability of the material guarantees that after the end of its useful life, the lamp does not pose a burden to the environment, which is particularly important in the context of modern ecological challenges.

The design of the Ora Arĝento lamp, with geometric forms and a complex, uneven structure with numerous details, looks extremely impressive, especially when backlit. Bright, golden light transforming into silvery tones creates magical visual effects, adding elegance and modernity to the interior. In the COLORISED offer, Ora Arĝento complements a wide range of ecological products, tailored to the needs of customers looking not only for luxury and aesthetics, but also for conscious ecological choices. Each ECO Lamp has been designed and manufactured with the greatest care to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

We invite you to check out the full offer of ECO Lamp, including the new Ora Arĝento model, which is now available for sale. Our products are a perfect combination of modern design, innovation and environmental responsibility, creating unique and unique interiors.

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