Brano Vinbero – a phenomenal ECO Lamp made of wheat bran

We would like to present a collection of ecological lamps made entirely of biodegradable or compostable materials. Brano Vinbero is a phenomenal ECO Lamp made of material based on wheat bran. The lamp combines naturalness with unique geometry, impossible to obtain using any traditional manufacturing techniques, creating a unique decorative element.

Brano Vinbero offered by COLORISED is the result of our commitment to creating products that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Using the innovative GF3D material Branfill3d, developed by GREENFILL3D, we managed to create an ECO Lamp that not only looks unique, but also contributes to reducing waste and environmental pollution.

The ECO Lamp is 25 cm high, but its size can be adjusted to up to 40 cm, which allows it to perfectly fit into various spaces, both home and office. Suspended individually or in a set of three pieces, Brano Vinbero becomes not only a source of light, but also a unique decorative element that attracts attention with its original form and warm, natural shade. Each element of ECO Lamp has been carefully designed and manufactured with minimal impact on the environment in mind. Wheat bran, which is the key ingredient of the material, is a by-product of pasta production, which further emphasizes the ecological nature of the lamp.

At COLORISED, we believe that design and sustainable development can go hand in hand. Brano Vinbero is proof that a responsible approach to the environment can be combined with modern design and functionality. We invite you to discover our collection of ECO Lamps that not only illuminate, but also inspire.

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