It’s not wood… It’s wheat bran! Brano Vortico – new ECO Lamp in the COLORISED offer

COLORISED introduces a new product to its offer – an ecological hanging lamp, Brano Vortico. The ECO Lamp made of an innovative material based on wheat bran was created in cooperation with the award-winning startup GREENFILL3D, specializing in creating ecological materials.

Brano Vortico is a unique hanging lamp whose structure is based on a mixture of raw wheat bran and biodegradable bioplastics. This material is an alternative to traditional raw materials and allows you to create a lamp with a complex external and internal structure that would be impossible to produce using classic production methods.

The Brano Vortico ECO Lamp is characterized not only by its unique design, but also by its functionality. It emits warm, honey light, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in any room. This is an ideal solution for people looking for both an effective light source and a unique decorative element that is also an expression of concern for the environment.

The use of wheat bran in the production of Brano Vortico emphasizes COLORISED’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and ecological solutions. Only low-emission manufacturing methods are used in its production, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint emitted into the natural environment. The material is biodegradable, which means that after use it can be disposed of without leaving any trace. Moreover, bran material is based on renewable raw materials – including: corn starch.

Brano Vortico ECO Lamp is now available in the COLORISED offer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of products that combine innovative solutions with care for the environment. We ensure that each of our products meets the highest quality standards and is an expression of our commitment to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

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