Spiral staircase as the focal point of the house

Since the Middle Ages, the design of the spiral staircase has been used in churches and castles, and for many people it is a masterpiece of construction. For homes that have limited floor space, spiral staircases are a solution that modern architects often use.

Compared to classic stairs, spiral stairs take up less space, do not require a lot of space and do not impede the flow of light. Despite their long history, they perfectly fit into modern architectural patterns and look like they will stay with us for longer.

Open living spaces

Modern designers who prefer open house plans have a problem if the space requires stairs. The addition of a simple staircase creates a “dead space” below. Even worse, stairs can cause shadows, which can greatly affect the interior design. However, a spiral staircase with open steps and a railing to look through takes up less space and allows light to flow freely. The shadow cast by an open staircase will be much less than that of a regular staircase.

Spiral stairs – wonderful wood

Spiral stair assemblies are most often made of metals that can be combined with each other. Unfortunately, they do not always fit all rooms. If the budget allows, an individually designed wooden staircase made by a carpenter will be a real decoration of the house. A qualified carpenter will be able to work even in the narrowest spaces, creating something that will not only serve, but also please the eye.


spiral staircase

In homes where you want to create more floor space without having to expand the property, adding a mezzanine may be the best solution. In these cases, accessing the newly created space can be a problem. A spiral staircase is an obvious choice as it takes up minimal space at both the mezzanine level and downstairs.

Modern basement design

Nowadays, houses with basements are more popular than ever before. Even without an extensive wine collection, an easily accessible cellar is an interesting solution. However, steep stairs leading from the kitchen are not the best solution. Modern designers typically opt for a spiral staircase design to allow access to basement storage space. Thanks to the transparent hatch, the stairs remain an integral part of the kitchen design, without interfering with its layout.

Spiral staircase as the focal point

Saving space is a good reason to consider installing a spiral staircase. Even if you have a lot of space to develop, a spiral staircase may be the preferred solution. A spiral staircase can become the centerpiece of your home. By choosing an individual spiral staircase design, you can experiment with different curvatures. Why not consider an S-shape? More space will allow the design of less steep stairs, which will make them more user-friendly and easier to overcome.

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