How to properly paint stripes on the wall?

Stripes on the wall may seem like an easy and quick project. You’ve probably already tried to make them without reading the directions or instructions, but the end result wasn’t necessarily satisfactory. You will discover the nuances of painting stripes on the wall after one or two tries, when it’s too late. Why not look for some tips before starting a project?

The first thing you need to do is determine the width of the stripes. Measure the wall, from floor to ceiling. In general, an odd number of stripes usually looks best. Also, make sure all tapes are firmly attached to the wall. You can use a card or something similar for this. Just slide it along the edge of the tape, pressing firmly.

How to paint stripes – step by step

Mark the stripes you are going to paint to avoid mistakes. It’s easy to forget which strip is which and then it’s easy to mess up the whole wall. When removing the tape, pull it towards the wet paint. Remove the tape as soon as you finish painting for sharp, clean lines. When it comes to color, keep in mind that paint looks darker next to a lighter color. Then decide how many stripes you want on the wall. Measure the wall, from ceiling to floor. Divide this number by the number of stripes you want to paint. Mark small marks on the wall exactly where you want each line to be. Lay the tape along the marks and make sure to place it above and below the marks. Then decide on the painting technique you want to use. Paint the stripes, remove the tape, go back and enjoy the effect.

Stripes on the wall – summary

Stripes can look beautiful in any room in your home. Before you start measuring and choosing a color, consider which wall will look best with stripes? It can be a wall covered with furniture, artwork and anything else so you can display your beautiful stripes without any obstruction. Another option is to choose one of the larger walls in the room, no matter how much of it will be visible. Once you’ve made that decision, specify how many strips you want and how wide you want them to be?

Plain simple stripes on the wall are timeless and beautiful, but perhaps you want something different. Herringbone stripes are another option and are also quite easy to obtain. First, sketch out a few options until you find a pattern you like. Then measure the wall and divide it into columns and rows. Mark where you want to place the strips, then start applying the tape. Paint one color, then another. Remove the tape and use a fine brush to cover any uneven lines and repair minor damage that may have occurred during the process.

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