How to match paint color to exact shade

Learn how to match your paint color if you want to create the perfect shade. Choosing new paint and seeing the difference it can make is one of the best feelings when renovating. By the way, even if you match the paint color, paint shopping can be fun.

However, one thing that can turn this fun into frustration is the inability to match the color. Matching paint color is a science, but there are several ways to match paint. But first, let’s look at why matching paint color is important.

How to match the paint color to what is already there?

Matching your paint color can be important for many reasons. These reasons are not easy to see at first and are seen more as feelings than facts. Accepting why you want to match your paint color is a huge step. It may be a psychological, aesthetic or completely different reason. Only you can find out why this is important to you. Here are the reasons why you probably want to match your paint color instead of buying new paint.


You simply identify with some colors. They make you feel a certain way and feel at home just by looking at them. This combination is important in your own home, so we try to find this color again. Figuring out what you want in a paint color or what you like about your old paint color can help you figure out where to go next. It’s okay if you feel an emotional connection to a paint color, so go ahead and savor it.

Color Theory

It’s similar to connection and nostalgia. It’s about the harmony of certain color combinations. Even changing the shade of one color by a hair’s breadth can affect the entire dynamics of the room. That’s why exact shades matter. Learning color theory can really help you find the right shades for you. It can help you understand the psychology of colors, why you like the ones you like, and which shades go best with them.

Even Coverage

Painting with a different color or shade and painting over the old color will not always come out even. You will need to re-coat the wall or object. If you choose the exact same color, recoating is usually not necessary. This is why paint matching is profitable. You will need to use less paint, and sometimes you only need one coat of paint to get the job done. In some cases, you can even make do with half a liter of touch-up paint.

Paint Matching Methods

There are many different ways to match paint. The paint can be matched to a specific paint you bought a decade ago or to a piece of furniture. Both of these cases are considered paint matching. Here are some ways to match paint from both walls and objects. They are fairly compatible, with some being more reliable and others being more economical. So let’s get to them!

Take a photo

Taking a photo of what you want to match works quite well. You can take the photo without flash and in natural light for best results. This can give you a good match if the paint isn’t too obvious. However, poor lighting can completely change the color. Taking photos is only perfect if you don’t care about an exact match, but rather something close. In that case, this might work great.

Ask an Associate to Match the Paint

A good way to match your paint is to simply ask an employee. Tell him about the color if you know the brand and approximate shade. Show him the photo and tell him the differences in person. Or just ask for a suggestion. Whichever method you choose, an experienced employee can be very helpful. Just make sure you get one that specializes in paint mixing and can create a special mix for you to suit your requirements.

Download the Paint Matching App

app how to match paint color

There are apps that let you take a photo of an object or wall and it will tell you what kind of paint it is. It’s not always a given, but they keep getting better. Some apps only support specific paint brands, so you may need to download several and compare the results to find the best match. You may even find something better than what you were initially looking for.

Chipped off some paint

If you are repainting something, chip some of the paint off the item. You can then take the paint, match the cards, or ask a staff member to find the closest match. This may be the best way to find an exact match. Because paint cards are presented with dried paint. What constitutes a paint sample. You can also hold a paint chip up to the light where the cards are displayed, as this is a common interior light found in most homes.

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