Everything you need to know before choosing a wooden floor

Wooden floors are appreciated for their value, durability and naturalness, as well as for the exceptional thermal comfort they provide. However, there are many important factors to know before deciding on a wooden floor. First of all, the durability of glued laminated timber is emphasized, which should be assessed through the aging process of the glue joint. It is also important to consider the thickness of the wear layer and the quality of workmanship.

In the context of use, it is worth paying attention to thermal comfort. It is provided by a thicker wooden board, preventing the feeling of cooling in direct contact of the foot with the floor. Acoustics is another aspect that distinguishes composite floors from floating floors. Wood floors also have the advantage of resurfacing. Thicker solid wood floors can be renewed many times, while engineered floors require an individual approach. A change in appearance can be achieved through various wood surface treatment techniques.

Types of wooden flooring

Wooden floors are a popular and beautiful solution used in many homes and rooms. There are many types of wooden floors, which differ in the type of wood, finish, shape of the boards and the method of installation. Here are some common types of wooden flooring:

  1. Traditional parquet: This is one of the oldest types of wooden flooring. It consists of narrow wooden boards arranged in a characteristic pattern, such as herringbone or French herringbone. Traditional parquet is durable and elegant, but requires regular maintenance and renovation.
  2. Floorboard: This is the most common type of wooden floor. It consists of wide wooden boards fastened with nails or glue. Floorboards are available in different types of wood, such as oak, ash, maple and walnut. They can have different finishes such as varnished, waxed or oiled.
  3. Deck boards: These are special wooden boards intended for outdoor installation, on terraces and verandas. Decking boards are usually made of weather-resistant wood, such as exotic wood (e.g. jatoba or cumaru wood). They are protected with special impregnations and oils that protect the wood against moisture, sun and pests.
  4. Floor panels: These are prefabricated panels consisting of layers of wood. Laminate flooring is easy to install and often has “click” or “clip” systems that allow the panels to be connected quickly and easily. Laminate flooring can be made of different types of wood and have different finishes.
  5. Solid wood parquet: This is an exclusive type of wooden floor made of one type of wood. It consists of solid, thick wooden planks that are fixed to the floor with nails or glue. Solid wood parquet is very durable and can be renewed many times by periodic sanding and polishing.


before choosing a floor

You should also bear in mind the cost of wooden floors, which, due to their naturalness and originality, always have a price. The high cost is due to the higher quality of the wood used for the production of solid wood floors, as well as the contractor’s professionalism and the quality of parquet chemicals used. Let us recall the prestige associated with wooden floors, which were once considered luxurious. Currently, geometric patterns and various combinations of wood with ceramics or stone are being used to emphasize the prestige of rooms.

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