Ecology of ECO Lamps

For several years now, there have been two parallel development paths in the plastics processing industry – recyclates, i.e. reprocessed plastics based on fossil fuels, and bioplastics, i.e. materials based on renewable resources that are biodegradable or compostable. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, although at COLORISED we decided to focus on bioplastics, seeing in them greater potential and benefits for the natural environment.

In the renewable raw materials segment, thermoplastic starch based on potatoes, developed in 2020 by Grupa Azoty S.A., stands out. This material, derived from completely renewable natural resources, is fully compostable, decomposing in the presence of microorganisms into natural, harmless substances such as water, CO2 and organic matter. While pure polylactic acid (PLA) decomposes only in industrial composters, in less biologically active environments, such as home composters, this process is practically impossible due to insufficient temperature and humidity. Thanks to its unique composition, thermoplastic starch composts naturally faster and, importantly, emits less CO2 during degradation.

Working with thermoplastic starch is not significantly different from PLA, but a certain challenge is its relatively high hygroscopicity (which is directly related to its compostable properties). The material does not require constant drying, like e.g. polyamide, but you certainly cannot leave the material open for a long time in office or production rooms, as it will start to degrade quite quickly. Too moist material leaves artifacts on the surface of prints – which in the case of ECO Lamp disqualifies it (after lighting, any imperfections are immediately visible – lamps must always be perfect).

The solution to this problem turned out to be quite trivial and we call it “open-and-use”. When starting the production of ECO lamps in a given color, we carefully calculate the working time and material consumption for individual models, and we produce the entire batch within 24-30 hours.

For those who share this vision of a green future, our ECO Lamps represent more than just lighting – they are a testament to the harmony of innovation, design and environmental responsibility. If you’re curious about how it can transform your space or you’re looking for sustainable alternatives for your projects, we’re here to offer help and support.

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