Compostable ECO Lamps with “fabric effect”

ECO Lamps offered by COLORISED are made of an innovative bioplastic based on, among others, o fully compostable potato starch. By default, this material has a slim and delicate-to-touch surface that, when illuminated, perfectly imitates milky white glass. However, selected ECO lamps from the Kompoŝtebla Amelo collection, such as Fantomo, have a unique finish imitating fabric. This unique texture combined with the unusual geometry of the lamp makes it unique on the lighting market.

Thermoplastic potato starch makes the ECO Lamp compostable, i.e. that after a period of use, it can be placed in a home composter or buried in the soil, where it will decompose within a few or a dozen or so weeks, depending on the composition of the composter or the type of soil. The material is developed by Grupa Azoty S.A. – one of the largest chemical companies in Europe, with which COLORISED closely cooperates. GREENFILL3D – an award-winning startup specializing in the production of utility applications using ecological materials – is responsible for the production of ECO Lamps, their unusual shapes and finish.

ECO Lamps with a “fabric effect” are an innovative approach to creating lighting products. The delicate roughness itself creates an unusual effect considering the complexity of the lamp geometry. However, when illuminated, the texture of the “fabric” makes ECO Lamps even more unique, creating surprising visual effects that are impossible to achieve with other materials and manufacturing methods.

ECO Lamps offered by COLORISED are not only aesthetically attractive, but also constitute an ecological alternative to traditional lighting products. Their unique design and quality of workmanship make them ideally suited to the needs of customers looking for luxurious, but at the same time ecologically conscious solutions for their interiors.

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