Barn door, a door inspired by country style

Modern interior design solutions are constantly evolving, introducing innovative and stylish elements to our homes. One of the latest trends that is gaining more and more popularity is the “barn door” – a barn-style door. inspiring, practical and extremely designer, they become a perfect solution for those who want to give their interiors a unique character and unique charm. In this article, we will take a closer look at the barn door phenomenon, its features, application possibilities and why it has become such a desirable alternative to traditional doors.

Barn doors, also known as barn doors, come from the American rustic style and bring a note of nostalgia and idyllic charm of rural life to our interiors. A characteristic feature of the barn door is its construction, consisting of one or two solid wooden panels that slide along special guides instead of opening traditionally. It is not only a functional solution, but also a real decoration for the interior, giving it a unique character and stylish finish.

How to hang a barn door?

The doors available in the set are untreated, which allows for individual adjustment of their finish. Start by applying your chosen varnish or stain to the door with a cloth. Then, use the 4-inch construction screws to secure the mounting board over the hole. Using a spirit level, adjust the position of the board and screw it loosely until it is approximately in the right place. Once the board is almost attached to the wall and level, secure all screws.

Attach the fittings to the mounting board. As before, tighten the screws loosely until the entire rail is mounted. Then secure them all with a key. Slide the stoppers onto the rail to prevent the door from sliding off the rail. Then attach the door hardware to the door and hang it on the rail. With the door in place, place the track on the floor in a suitable location to guide the door from the bottom. Mark its location with a pencil. Remove the door and screw the track to the floor using a drill and screws. Hang the door again. When they are in the correct position, make sure they are exactly over the guide.

Finally, add the anti-pop locks that come with the kit to the rail to prevent the door from sliding off the rail.


barn door

A barn door is not only a functional solution, but also a decorative element that gives the interior a unique character and style. Their popularity is due to their aesthetics, unique appearance and the ability to adapt to various interior arrangements. The barn door is perfect for modern, industrial, rustic and minimalist spaces, adding a unique touch to them.

Regardless of the room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or office, the barn door is distinguished by its functionality. Opening and closing is done with a slider, which saves space. In the case of ordinary doors, it would have to be reserved for the wings. In addition, the installation of barn doors gives designers and owners endless possibilities for personalization, thanks to the variety of designs, materials and finishes available on the market.

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