Wood mites – how to get rid of them at home?

Wood mites are tiny insects that accumulate in damp wood. Most types of mites are harmless, so don’t worry if you find them. These small bug-like insects do not pose a direct threat to the health of the household, however, it is worth getting rid of them, because they can carry diseases and bacteria that can infect the home. If your home is infested with wood mites, you will need to take action to eradicate them. To prevent the spread of dust mites and other pests in your home, you can use natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar. Although these insects do not cause structural damage, they can be a nuisance to people suffering from certain allergies.

For wood mites, anti-mite agents such as baking powder can be used. Similar techniques are also used to remove termites, as both insect species use wood as a food source and prefer environments with excessive moisture. First you need to learn how to recognize wood mites – there are a few noticeable differences between termites and mites. They are harder to find due to their transparent construction.

How to know when you are dealing with wood mites?

Wood mites are not insects in the strict sense, as they are classified as arachnids. They are brown, white or mottled in color and resemble ticks. They are also transparent. In terms of size, wood mites are about 0.5mm long. What betrays their presence is the threads they produce and leave behind, which look like cobwebs.

Where do wood mites live?

wood mites

Wood mites that are inside the house like to hide in wood. Like ants, they often leave visible tracks. You can follow their silky paths and see if they are collected at the end. They hide not only in walls and plants, but also in baseboards, Christmas trees, old furniture, behind electrical panels, near plumbing or any other place that attracts excessive moisture. Try to find traces of how they entered the house, such as holes in foundations or exterior walls.

How to protect wood from wood mites

It is possible to protect even the oldest wood from wood mites and prevent their return. It all starts with heating the wood, which will kill the insects and their larvae. This works best with dismantled wood, however, be aware that this should not be done on already constructed buildings as you are putting yourself at risk of a house fire. If you want to get rid of wood mites in your home, it is worth consulting a professional to get help faster.

Step 1

Heat the wood. You can do it yourself, but it’s best to ask the sawmill if they offer kiln drying services. If your wood is already in the form of a building, you can take it down or try another way.

Step 2

Once the wood has been heated and cooled, use a scrub brush to remove excess lint and dead insects. This is a good time to clean the boards, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Step 3

Then use sandpaper and lightly sand the boards. It’s a good idea for reclaimed boards because you want to smooth them as much as possible, in case of any subsequent finishing.

Step 4

Spray the wood with a boron-based insecticide. You should buy the liquid version and follow the instructions on the label. You can also buy a powder, but a spray is much easier to use.

Step 5

Finally, apply sealant to prevent further spreading. You can use a polish followed by a clear sealer for best results. The wood will be protected from scratches and will look like new.

How to remove wood mites naturally

wood mites
  • boric acid – boric acid can kill most insects, including wood mites; this method is primarily effective if you know where the wood mites are; try to sprinkle the area around your plants as they will be a food source for them; Baking soda and hot water will also work on wood mites
  • diatomaceous earth – this is a stronger method that works the same way as boric acid; sprinkle it around the area with plants and the mites will dry quickly
  • essential oils – insects do not like essential oils, especially cinnamon; so if you can spray the wood they live in or the plants they eat, both will work wonders; essential oils also smell nice and are a more interesting option than the above-mentioned agents.


The best way to get rid of wood mites would be to deprive them of their food source, namely wood. If you have a problem with wood mites in your home, the first step will be to identify them. Sometimes wood mites look like small white insects. Predatory mites should be taken seriously. There are several ways to get rid of wood mites, but if you put off solving the problem, you will need to call in a pest control professional. They may seem harmless, but wood mites often bite people and, if left unnoticed, can cause structural damage to your home.

Many garden stores sell insecticides against mites that should deal with these little creatures. Mites tend to accumulate in decaying or infected wood. Another solution for mite infestation is the use of hypoaspis mites. You can buy the hypoaspis mite at a garden store. Special mites eat wood mites. If you are a snake owner, then your terrarium may be susceptible to wood mites.

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