Window Fittings: The Key to Comfort and Safety

Windows play an important role in every building, serving not only aesthetic but also functional functions. For these functions to be fully fulfilled, window fittings play a key role. Here is an overview of their various applications and their impact on user comfort and safety.

The basic task of window fittings is to ensure efficient and comfortable opening, tilting and closing of windows. Depending on the type of window and its purpose, there are several different solutions.

Regular Windows in Walls:

In the case of standard windows installed in walls, we can choose from casement, tilt or tilt-and-turn windows. Balcony windows, on the other hand, are often equipped with tilt-and-slide fittings, which ensure more convenient opening and closing.

Large Terrace Windows:

For large patio windows, lift-and-slide fittings (HS or HST) are the ideal solution. They allow the use of large and heavy door leaves, which slide easily on rollers on the aluminum rail, which also serves as a threshold.

Roof Windows:

In the case of roof windows, the method of opening them is crucial for the comfort of use. Pivot windows are the most common, and their type may vary. Pivot windows with the rotation axis at half the height of the sash allow the upper part to be opened to the interior of the room and the lower part to the outside. For pivot windows, the appropriate location of the rotation axis is important, the height of which should be adjusted to the needs of users.

Window fittings – other functions

Although the basic task of the fittings is to open and close the window, their functionality goes much further. Window fittings often have a modular structure, which allows the addition of various accessories to increase the comfort and safety of using windows. Additional elements, such as opening limiters or brakes, make the windows more convenient to use. In addition, the fittings increase the durability of the windows and their resistance to burglary. The use of these options will not only increase the comfort of using windows, but also improve the level of safety in the building.

To sum up, choosing the right window fittings plays a key role in the everyday use of a building. The variety of available solutions allows you to adapt windows to individual needs and preferences. Regardless of the type of windows, appropriate fittings will affect the comfort and safety of residents and add aesthetic value to each building.

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