What kind of stair carpet?

If our budget for finishing the house is very limited, carpet for stairs is an idea worth considering. It is a cheap and practical solution. Find out which carpet to choose? How to prepare the substrate before laying it?

Certainly, the carpet will work in a house where children and seniors live, because it has cushioning properties and prevents potential injuries. In addition, it dampens sounds well, so other household members will not hear the noise of climbing the stairs. Currently, carpets made of anti-allergic materials are available on the market, so people who are allergic to dust can also decide to install them.

Which stair flooring to choose?

On the stairs, we can lay both carpet and plastic lining (so-called gumolith). The first type is the most common – it looks more aesthetically pleasing to the touch. When buying a carpet for stairs, it is worth taking into account the highest abrasion resistance index and choosing a material made of polypropylene or polyamide fibers with a short pile and a flat weave.

In addition, it should be noted that it has anti-slip properties and is not too stiff, as it will not fit well on the stairs. The factors that speak in favor of plastic floor coverings are their resistance to moisture and lower price.

What to watch out for when laying carpet flooring?

Laying carpet on the stairs is not a difficult task and you can do it yourself. It is mounted using a special adhesive (acrylic or neoprene) in two ways:

  • laying the floor covering over the whole, gluing and stretching using metal profiles
  • cutting the floor covering and gluing it to each step separately (the method is rarely practiced because it requires high precision)

The formula to calculate the amount of carpet we need: (step height + step width) x total number of steps. We add 5 cm to the obtained result. When gluing the carpet, care must be taken on the edges of the steps, which can be particularly susceptible to damage. It is worth securing them with noses made of aluminum or PVC. You should also remember about the proper tension of the material, because only then will the stairs with carpet be safe for the household members.

NOTE: If the carpet is of good quality (with a soft base), then instead of glue, it is enough to use a soft underlay.

How to prepare the base for carpet flooring?

The substrate for the carpet flooring plays a huge role in its correct laying. If it is uneven or made inaccurately, then the material will wear out or deform faster. Before installing the floor covering, the substrate should be thoroughly degreased, cleaned and dried. We can sand them using coarse sandpaper, and in the case of large irregularities, make a self-leveling screed and thoroughly primed. Before laying the floorcovering, make sure that the moisture content of the screed does not exceed 2%.

Is carpet flooring a good choice?

Carpet for stairs is a good choice for people who care about the economical finish of new steps or cheap renovation of old stairs. If we care about the safety of the household members, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort when using the stairs, it is worth considering such a solution. Choosing the right carpet for stairs can contribute to improving the aesthetics of the interior, safety of household members and comfort of use. Before buying, it is worth getting acquainted with the different types of floor coverings, their properties and preparing the substrate accordingly. Thanks to this, the stairs will be not only functional, but also aesthetic.

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