Vinyl carpet as an innovative idea for the floor

When arranging our interior, we often face the dilemma of whether it is worth adding something extra to traditional panels or floor tiles. Why would this even make sense? This is an important question because standard floor coverings meet most of our aesthetic and practical needs. However, sometimes the idea for the perfect living room decor comes later, when the floor is already laid. Then a vinyl carpet may be an interesting idea

What is Vinyl Carpet?

One of the unconventional ideas for changing the appearance of the floor is the use of vinyl carpets. At first glance, a rug may seem like a traditional pile product, a woven rug or carpet. However, vinyl carpet combines the features of these different products to create something completely new. Imagine a carpet with a beautiful, colorful pattern, e.g. a pattern resembling Moroccan tiles, which from a distance resembles a traditional velvet carpet. However, up close you see a smooth surface, reminiscent of the well-known carpets. Vinyl carpets can imitate not only geometric patterns known from classic carpets, but also any other surfaces and structures, such as boards, concrete, marble or ancient vintage carpets. New vinyl printing technologies offer enormous possibilities, limited only by our imagination.

Practical Applications of Vinyl Carpets

Vinyl carpet is perfect for rooms where surface washability and resistance to dirt are important. This may include kitchens, bathrooms, halls or children’s rooms. Vinyl carpets are a solution for people who need a floor that is easy to keep clean. Just a moment is enough to restore its shine. For allergy sufferers, it is an excellent choice because low absorbency and the ability to wash the surface make it less dust- and mite-friendly. The most important feature that distinguishes a vinyl carpet from a vinyl floor covering is the lack of permanent attachment to the surface. The carpet is thick, heavy, reinforced with polyester mesh, which allows it to adhere securely to the ground, but at the same time it can be easily removed, rolled up and stored in a closet. Vinyl carpet can also be used outdoors as a terrace or balcony decoration. It does not mold or fade, and walking on it barefoot on a cold morning becomes much more pleasant.

Summary: Advantages and Limitations of Vinyl Rugs

Vinyl carpet is a relatively new product on the market and has little in common with traditional carpets or the dreaded linoleum. To understand its advantages, it is worth seeing it with your own eyes and touching samples of the materials from which it is made. Its flexibility, thickness of about 2 millimeters and the possibility of easy disassembly are its advantages. However, this is not a solution for lovers of soft, velvet carpets. If someone cannot imagine life without soft touch, they should stick to traditional products. It is also worth remembering that heavy furniture may leave creases on vinyl carpets, but this is also a problem with other types of flooring.

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