TILLE is creating Cyclorama – a phenomenal installation made of stretched fabrics, commemorating Adam Kazanowski

TILLE has completed a unique installation in the Praga Museum in Warsaw, using the stretched fabric technique. The installation is illuminated, presenting the magnate Adam Kazanowski and his achievements for Warsaw’s Praga district. The colorful structure made of stretched fabric can be seen by visiting the museum at ul. Targowa 50/52 in Warsaw (free of charge on Thursdays).

A phenomenal installation made of stretched fabrics, commemorating Adam Kazanowski

The project called Cyklorama presents the magnate Adam Kazanowski – a crown court marshal who performed a number of other state functions in the 17th century. Kazanowski was a courtier and friend of Prince Władysław Vasa and a participant in military expeditions, among others. to Moscow for the tsar’s crown. In the 1630s and 1640s, he bought half of the Praga estates (the so-called Praga Magnacka) and built it up.

installation of stretched fabrics commemorating Adam Kazanowski

The graphics on the fabric are illuminated, which has a very effective effect on its appearance. Fabrics disperse light in an excellent way – better than PVC foil, which makes installation more economical. The outside of the cylinder is additionally covered with black acoustic fabric to significantly reduce the reverberation of the hard walls and floor of the room.

Illuminated graphics printed on fabric are also a perfect solution for a home or apartment. The cheaper version without lighting will also look great, thanks to its perfect smoothness and evenness, which is a more attractively priced alternative to vinyl wallpaper.

Source: TILLE

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