The best floors to use in basements

Are you planning a basement renovation? Before you start thinking about how to furnish it, make sure you have the right floor plan. After all, a basement floor needs to be able to withstand a lot, from heavy traffic to potential flooding.

Most flooring materials are suitable for use in a basement, with the exception of solid wood. Solid wood is more susceptible to moisture than other types of flooring. It is usually not recommended to install it below ground level. Whether your basement is partially or completely below ground level, it is important to choose a waterproof material. An example of such materials would be laminate or vinyl.

An alternative to the classic wooden floor

Solid wood for the basement floor itself is not a good idea. Glued wood is much better. Homeowners often think they can’t put a hardwood floor in the basement. Glulam is specially designed with added stability and is a great solution for the lower levels of your home. The greater stability of glued timber also means that each floorboard can be made longer and wider than traditional solid timber. This allows for a more modern look of laminated wood floors.

Floor selection

basement floors

Ultimately, your basement floor should match the rest of your home in style and quality. A common mistake homeowners make when renovating a basement floor is not considering the comfort factor. Basements tend to be cold underfoot, so it’s worth investing in an underfloor heating system or a quality underlayment.


The right choice of floor in the basement is crucial for the functionality and comfort of using this room. By choosing waterproof materials, such as laminates or vinyl, we gain durability and resistance to moisture. Glued wood will be an excellent alternative for people who want to preserve the aesthetics of wood. It is also worth remembering about aspects such as ease of installation and comfort of use. When planning a renovation, it is good to invest in an underfloor heating system or a high-quality underlay.

With the right approach to the choice of flooring materials and taking into account key factors, the basement can become a functional and aesthetic room. If you take care of moisture resistance, durability and comfort of use, it will be an ideal place to spend time with family and friends.

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