The best bathroom floors

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? The floor may be at the end of your checklist, but it is just as important as all fixtures and fittings (if not more so!). A bathroom floor needs to be durable as well as look and feel good underfoot. Waterproof floors are the best solution for bathrooms, especially those with showers and bathtubs. Waterproof floors give you peace of mind when your children or pets are playing with water in the bath or when you forget your mat after getting out of the shower.

The most common flooring material in bathrooms is tiles. Tiles are a timeless material with a huge variety of shapes and styles, from modern to traditional, which can be customized with your choice of grout and pattern layout. Bathrooms are a great opportunity to try a new style, especially something that may seem too bold for a larger room.

What about the floor in the shower?

When it comes to shower stalls, opt for smaller tiles for better grip. Larger tiles with fewer grout lines can be slippery when wet. However, there are many alternatives to consider, from concrete to natural stone. If you are going to lay your bathroom floor yourself, rigid vinyl planks and waterproof laminate have a simple click-on system and require minimal tools. Luxury vinyl tiles are gaining in popularity as they are often advertised as waterproof, although most are not guaranteed to fail if completely wet.

What to look for?

bathroom floors

Regardless of the choice of material, proper installation is crucial. This is a critical part of any bathroom design as it is a high humidity environment. From subfloor preparation to final finishing touches, attention to detail is key to the success of any DIY flooring project. The key is to make sure you have all the right materials except the tiles. Adhesive, grout, sealants and tools can make the difference between a professional-looking installation or a failure.

It is worth investing in high-quality products. Most bathrooms have a relatively small footprint, so choosing a premium product does not significantly increase the overall cost of the project.

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