Structural paints: a modern decorative solution for your home

Nowadays, we are looking for new, innovative ways to enrich the interiors of our houses and apartments. Structural paints, as an intermediate product between traditional paint for walls and ceilings and plaster, are becoming more and more popular. They offer an interesting, three-dimensional decorative effect, thanks to additives such as mineral and glass particles, wood shavings or sand.

There are two types of structural paints available on the market: ready-to-paint and in the form of two products for self-combination. Ready-to-paint paints are recommended for people who have no experience in mixing paints, while the second type allows you to obtain an individual effect, depending on the amount of structure-forming additive.

Division by composition

Acrylic paints – characterized by high resistance to abrasion, moisture, water vapor and mechanical damage. They are recommended for rooms such as children’s rooms, kitchens, halls, bathrooms, basements or attics.

Paints based on latex paints – they are the most efficient, tolerate cleaning well, but have lower resistance to moisture. Best for living rooms, but not recommended for rooms exposed to steam.

Polyvinyl acetate-latex paints – resistant to strong scrubbing, but not resistant to moisture, dedicated to bedrooms or living rooms, not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Structural paints allow you to achieve a variety of effects, such as desert sand, parchment with wrinkles, dew, streaks, fine grain (toccare), lambswool, old wood or stone. They are perfect for interiors in naturalistic, eco, industrial, modern or monochrome styles.


structural paints

Undoubtedly, the advantages of structural paints include a huge selection of final effects, the ability to adapt the paint to interior conditions (e.g. exposure to moisture), high efficiency (in the case of latex paints) and interior originality. However, it is worth remembering that we cover only part of the walls in the room with structural paint to avoid an overwhelming effect. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the need to clean such surfaces more often, due to dust settling on them.


Structural paints are a modern and attractive decorative solution that allows you to individually adjust the interior to your preferences. The wealth of types and final effects available on the market means that everyone will find something for themselves. Introducing structural paints to your apartment or house can be a great idea to refresh the interior and give it a unique character.

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