Stretch ceilings: support for architects and designers

COLORISED is a portal of the interior design industry, where information, advice and inspiration are presented for people planning renovation of apartments, houses, offices, companies or public facilities. We offer support for architects and designers – one of the key groups of recipients, specializing in creating modern interiors. And also the knowledge that combines stretch ceilings with finishing.

We have over seven years of experience in the finishing industry, in the area of stretch ceilings. We have extensive commercial contacts with the vast majority of installation companies specializing in this segment of services, located throughout Poland. Thus, we have a unique offer of cooperation with architects and interior designers. It rests on two pillars. Free training in stretch ceilings – including fabric stretch ceilings, which are an absolute novelty on the Polish market. And also the possibility of combining with selected contractors specializing in this field.

Fabric stretch ceilings

stretch fabric

Stretch ceilings made of PVC foil have been a solution used for many years in many commercial and institutional facilities. As well as in private houses and apartments. Those made of fabrics are the latest trend in the interior finishing industry. Fabrics are easier and faster to install, as well as healthier and more ecological than traditional stretch ceilings made of PVC foil. In addition, they are non-flammable or self-extinguishing, which is confirmed by certificates.

Fabric stretch ceilings are the latest trend in the interior finishing industry in Western Europe. Customers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Great Britain are increasingly abandoning stretch ceilings made of PVC foil in favor of fabrics because:

  • they are ecological (fabric instead of plastic)
  • they are healthier to use (the cheapest PVC films imported from China do not always meet European safety requirements)
  • they are non-flammable (typical PVC films melt and burn)
  • they are much better acoustically
  • they are airy.

As one of the first companies in Poland, we offer comprehensive support in the area of ceilings and stretch fabrics. Our offer includes training, supplies of fabrics and assembly accessories (profiles, gaskets, masking plates, LED lighting and specialized tools), contacts with installation companies.

Support for Architects and Designers – what kind of cooperation can you expect?

1. Product training: stretch ceilings and stretch walls made of PVC fabrics and foils; it is an hour-long on-line training, during which we provide the most important information about what and how to do, what mistakes to avoid and what are the costs of specific solutions; the training is free; dates are set individually; the training is conducted via the Google Meets platform, however, it is possible to meet at our company’s headquarters in Łódź, where we will present specific solutions.

2. Contacts to contractors: after the training, we provide contacts to the best stretch ceiling installers in your area, who will present the terms of cooperation on the projects you design.

3. Possibility of presenting completed projects on the COLORISED portal – completed projects can be described on our website, indicating both the design office and the contractor company; creating articles is not limited only to describing newly completed projects, but we will also be happy to describe your previous projects; we are a portal describing interior finishes from every angle; if you would like to publish your achievements so far – we are here to help.

4. Possibility to set up a business card in the COMPANY DATABASE – we offer to set up a free business card in our COMPANY DATABASE, where your contact details, description of the offer and photos of implementations or projects will be posted; thanks to this, it will be easier for you to reach both individual clients and contractors interested in cooperation in the area.

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The portal is developed not only in terms of stretch ceilings and walls, but also other interior finishing elements. If you have a client who dreamed of square lamps in pink color that cannot be bought anywhere – we will make them. In addition, we will use ecological materials for this. It serves hotels or restaurants where the customer requested protective frames for switches and electrical sockets with the logo of the facility – we will do it. We specialize in creating low-volume items, especially for the investor’s projects. We invite you to contact us and cooperate.
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