Shutters: an effective solution to temperatures

Shutters are a traditional solution that used to be an almost obligatory element of every home. They provided effective protection against excess sun in summer and cold in winter. Today, they are increasingly replaced by more popular and cheaper external roller blinds, but it is worth considering whether we should return to these traditional solutions.

Shutters: Construction and Materials

Modern shutters are available in various designs, which affects their appearance and price. There are full models, also called board models, and frame models in which full filling or openwork slats can be installed. They are perfect in terms of thermal insulation and protection against weather conditions, such as wind or hail. Unfortunately, they limit the flow of light into the interior. In turn, openwork models, especially those with adjustable slats, allow you to control the amount of light entering through the windows. Additionally, when the window is open, they allow fresh air to enter. Traditionally, shutters are made of solid wood or laminated wood, which makes them resistant to changing weather conditions. There are also PVC and aluminum shutters, which are most often used to protect against excessive sunlight. Each of these materials offers a variety of colors, which allows you to match the shutters to the building’s decor.

Shutters: Protection against Sun and Frost

Shutters are a perfect solution if we want to minimize the heating of interiors in summer. It is worth installing them on windows facing south, east or southwest, because in these places the temperature can rise to as much as 35 degrees Celsius. If we want protection against frost, the best choice will be insulated ones, which contain a layer of thermal insulation 2 to 5 cm thick. Thanks to this, they provide effective protection against heat loss both through conduction and radiation.

Shutters: Protection against Burglary

If we want to protect our house against burglars, there are two types of shutters that constitute an excellent barrier. The first are wooden models with reinforced fittings, such as bar closures, locking hooks or anti-burglary hinges. The second solution are shutters made of galvanized steel sheet, which are equipped with numerous locks, interlocks, pins and anti-burglary hinges.

Shutters Costs

The production of shutters is made to order, which affects their price. The cost depends on both the material and additional equipment, such as the fittings or insulation used. Wooden ones usually cost from PLN 700/m2, PVC models from PLN 450/m2, and aluminum ones from PLN 600/m2.

To sum up, shutters are not only an element of traditional home furnishings, but also an effective way to regulate the temperature in rooms, protect against burglary and protect against excessive sunlight. Choosing the right shutters can significantly affect the comfort of your home and the costs associated with maintaining the appropriate temperature in the building.

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