Scratched panels – how to care for them

Scratched floor panels can be a serious problem, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality of the interior. Their formation usually results from our everyday habits and inattention. It is worth understanding the causes of this damage and how it can be prevented. Below we will discuss the types of damage and how to remove them.

Scratched panels – causes of damage

Scratches on panels may appear in various situations. Here are some common causes:

  1. Moving heavy furniture without securing the legs: When heavy furniture with sharp legs is moved over panels without felt pads, deep scratches may occur.
  2. High-heeled shoes made of hard material: Wearing high-heeled shoes made of hard material can lead to scratching of the panels.
  3. Incorrect vacuum cleaner attachment: Using the wrong attachment when vacuuming can cause minor scratches on the panels.
  4. Pets: Large dogs, especially those with sharp claws, may accidentally scratch the panels.
  5. Falling of hard objects: Falling glassware or other hard objects from a great height may leave scratches or major damage.
  6. Contact with corrosive substances: The use of chemicals with corrosive substances on panels may cause streaks, stains and discoloration.
  7. Excessive use of underfloor heating: Too high a floor temperature may cause deformation or permanent damage to the panels.

Ways to remove scratches from floor panels

Not all scratches can be removed, but many of them can be effectively repaired. There are several effective methods for removing scratches from floor panels. Here are some of them:

  1. Special preparations: There are special preparations, waxes and repair kits available on the market that help remove scratches. The choice of method depends on the scale of the damage.
  2. Markers, fillers or wood chalks: For small and shallow scratches, special markers, fillers or wood chalks can be used to help mask the damage.
  3. Panel repair paste: Panel repair paste is ideal for filling small holes and scratches. After thoroughly filling the damage with paste, the excess can be removed and the paste will harden, restoring the aesthetic appearance of the panels.
  4. Panel repair wax: Repair wax is an effective method of removing scratches from panels. It is available in various colors, which allows you to match it to the color of the panels and effectively mask the damage.
  5. Nail polish or walnuts: For minor scratches, you can try rubbing the damaged area with nail polish or walnuts. Nail polish will cover the defect with a protective layer, and walnut can mask the scratch.

Preventing scratches on panels

The best way to keep your panels in good condition is to prevent scratches. Here are some practical tips:

  1. Avoid walking on panels in high heels made of hard material. It is always worth having indoor shoes with a soft sole.
  2. Protect the legs of heavy furniture with felt pads. Move furniture carefully.
  3. Use the appropriate vacuum cleaner attachment when cleaning to avoid scratching the panels.
  4. Make sure that pets do not scratch the panels with their claws.
  5. Handle glassware and hard objects with care.
  6. Do not use chemicals with corrosive substances on the panels.
  7. Control the temperature of underfloor heating to avoid deformation and damage to the panels.
  8. Use rugs or runners in areas where animals or people frequently pass by.

By taking care of the panels and following these recommendations, you can minimize the risk of scratches and keep the floor in excellent condition for many years. Prevention is always more effective and economical than repair. Taking care of the panels is an investment in the aesthetics and durability of the interior. It is worth remembering that professional repairs of scratches on panels can be crucial, especially in the case of high-quality panels, to maintain their attractive appearance and functionality. If we want to keep the floor spotless, it is worth using the services of specialists. Well-kept floor panels are a key element of interior design that affects the overall appearance of the room. Therefore, it is worth investing in their care and preventing damage that may destroy the attractive decor of our home or office.

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