Roller blinds or blinds – Selection of window coverings

When it comes time to take care of window coverings, you need to answer the question: roller blinds or blinds, or maybe shutters? Both solutions have their advantages, but differ in functionality, aesthetics and installation conditions. Therefore, it is worth understanding the differences between them to make the best choice.

Roller shutters

External roller blinds are a popular choice among private investors. They are versatile and offer many benefits. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, external roller blinds have many practical applications. On warm days, they protect the interior of the building from excessive sunlight, ensuring pleasant coolness. In winter, they act as an additional layer of thermal insulation, helping to keep the rooms warm. Additionally, external blinds improve acoustic comfort by suppressing outside noise. They are resistant to weather conditions such as strong winds and rains. However, the installation of external roller shutters requires appropriate preparation at the building design stage. It is necessary to include the boxes in which the blinds are hidden in the wall structure. There is also an option for the boxes to be hidden under the façade, which will affect the aesthetics of the building.

External blinds

External blinds are a modern and elegant alternative to roller blinds. They are becoming more and more popular among private investors, both in residential and commercial construction. Blinds are also suitable for large glazing. One of the main advantages of blinds is the ability to adjust the angle of the slats, which allows users to control the amount of light entering the room. Facade blinds provide privacy as well as optical and thermal comfort. Unfortunately, blinds are less resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage than roller blinds. Therefore, it is recommended to equip them with weather sensors. However, thanks to their lightweight construction, they are ideal for use with large glazing.

Screen blinds

Screen blinds are an innovative solution that uses a special fabric made of PVC and fiberglass. These blinds reflect or absorb most of the light entering the room, eliminating glaring reflection effects. The screens leave the room slightly permeable to natural light, which makes the interior bright and friendly. In addition, screen blinds virtually eliminate heat radiation, which translates into lower air conditioning bills. They are resistant to wind and weather conditions and can function as a mosquito net.

Roller blinds or blinds – Summary

The choice between roller blinds and blinds depends on individual needs and the nature of the rooms. Roller blinds provide complete blackout, perfect for the bedroom, while blinds allow you to adjust the light in the living room. Screen blinds combine the advantages of both solutions, offering excellent protection against the sun and maintaining the comfort of natural light. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the function that window coverings are to perform in specific rooms. Therefore, it is worth considering different types of covers to perfectly match them to your home.

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