Removable wallpaper – what is it and is it worth trying?

Have you ever heard of removable wallpapers? In this article we will look at what they are, how to prepare your walls for use and how to hang them. If you need new wallpaper quickly and easily, then removable wallpaper may be the solution. Instead of using the tools, effort, time and strength required to install standard wallpaper, removable wallpaper makes the entire task much easier.

It’s still useful to have some knowledge, but you won’t need glue brushes, protective sheets or glue. With less mess and fuss, you can have new wallpaper on your wall in no time. Here’s our guide to removable wallpaper, covering all the pros and cons, how to hang it yourself and what prices you can expect to pay for a few rolls of this type of wallpaper. Based on this, you will be able to decide whether it is worth trying removable wallpapers in your home or project.

What are removable wallpapers?

Just as the name sounds, these are wallpapers that can be easily removed and do not require gluing to the wall. But how does it work? Removable wallpaper is a special type of material that has a self-adhesive layer. So you can easily remove the wallpaper from the wall without any damage. Removable wallpaper can be used anywhere regular wallpaper can, but its glue-and-stick nature makes it an ideal choice for schools, children’s playrooms, rental homes and apartments.

Do I need to prepare the wall for removable wallpaper?

As with any wallpapering project, preparing the wall is key, and preparing a wall for removable wallpaper is very similar to preparing a wall for painting. However, there are some subtle differences that need to be taken into account, otherwise removable wallpaper simply won’t stick as expected. It is important to prepare the wall in advance. Make sure the wall is clean, smooth and free of peeling paint. It is also important that the wall is well primed/sealed. Allow the primer/sealer to dry for 2-3 weeks before hanging the wallpaper.

What tools will I need to hang removable wallpaper?

removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper, i.e. “glue and stick”, is like a large roll of self-adhesive foil. So you need a large cutting surface – like a table – and some essential tools, including the following. The lack of glue and brushes means that the whole process is slightly easier than hanging standard wallpaper. And if you make a small mistake, you can quickly remove the wallpaper and start over. Hanging removable wallpaper is very easy. You can do it yourself and you don’t have to pay for a professional decorator because the wallpaper does not require glue. The glue and stick feature will allow you to freely move and tear off sections during application if you need to adjust angles or align edges – without reducing adhesion or damaging the wallpaper.

Is removable wallpaper more expensive?

Prices for regular wallpapers can vary greatly, and the same goes for removable wallpapers. But generally speaking, removable wallpaper is usually slightly more expensive than standard wallpaper. For example, standard patterned wallpaper can start from PLN 20 per roll, while similar removable wallpaper costs around PLN 25 per roll. However, for more custom designs you can expect to pay three times as much for both standard and removable wallpaper. It largely depends on where you look and what you need. However, removable wallpaper is often only used on feature walls and other areas in the home to help create a division or focal point. Check out our ideas for a decorative strip to effectively use removable wallpaper.

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