Plasterboard partition wall: step by step

A partition wall made of plasterboards (plasterboards) is becoming more and more popular as a way to change the arrangement of rooms. It allows you to divide them into smaller spaces or arrange a usable attic. The light structure does not burden the ceiling too much, and thanks to the acoustic properties and the ability to act as a fire barrier, partition walls made of plasterboards are increasingly chosen by investors.

However, for a partition wall made of plasterboards to fulfill its role, you must make it correctly. Pay attention to correct installation, selection of the appropriate type of plasterboards and their thickness. The right finish, such as painting or wallpapering, will depend on tegp.



Before starting the construction of the wall, make sure that you have properly prepared the room. Check that there is no risk of flooding the room and that the air humidity does not exceed 70%. Then prepare the ground on which you want to place the wall. Check if the ground is stable and the walls and ceiling are already plastered.

Do your work carefully

In the subsequent stages of building a partition wall made of plasterboards (plasterboards), it is worth paying attention to the precise filling of the joints. Then on the proper finishing of the line of contact with walls, ceilings and floors, and skilful mounting of heavy objects on the frame walls. All the steps described are important to achieve a high-quality finish and durability of the plasterboard partition. Careful execution of each stage translates into visual and practical effects, such as sound insulation and proper distribution of loads.

During the work, it is particularly important to observe the safety rules and to ensure that the materials are properly prepared and secured. If it is necessary to mount heavy objects, pay attention to their mounting in the places where the post profiles run and additional reinforcements of the frame.

Tools needed

Partition wall

The construction of a partition wall made of plasterboards also requires the use of appropriate tools. Get a hammer drill, angle grinder, screwdriver or knives with replaceable blades. Finishing the tiling surface will require the use of putties, sandpaper, sponges, brushes and a gun for squeezing acrylic mass.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

Remembering about the proper use of materials and tools, as well as skilful finishing of the contact line, you can achieve a satisfactory result when building a partition wall made of plasterboards. These walls, thanks to the proper implementation of all steps, will be aesthetic and functional, constituting a solid solution to be used in various spaces.


This step-by-step guide allows you to make a plasterboard partition wall yourself. This can be a beneficial solution for people looking for alternatives to traditional brick walls. With proper care and compliance with safety rules, the construction of a partition wall made of plasterboards can be carried out by people with various levels of experience in renovation and construction works.

Due to the growing interest in this type of construction, companies in the construction industry may consider including services related to the construction of plasterboard partitions to their offer. Knowledge and practical skills in this area can contribute to expanding the offer and increasing competitiveness on the construction services market.

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