Painting door frames: 4 steps to a precise and lasting effect

Painting door frames is a real art that requires proper techniques and a good choice of paint. By choosing the right work order, you can save time and effort, and get a satisfying end result.

However, choosing the right order is not everything. When painting wood, whether it is bare wood or previously painted wood, proper preparation is essential. Door frames are exposed to a lot of activity, so they should be covered with a durable, wear-resistant finish that is easy to keep clean.

Steps of painting door frames:

Remove the door or cover it

There are two approaches: removing the door or leaving it in place and securing the edges with painter’s tape. Removing the door provides better access, but it is more labor intensive.

Prepare the place

Protect the floor with painter’s film or other material that prevents paint from bleed- ing onto the floor.

Fill, polish and clean the door frame

door frames painting

If the frame has been painted before, wash it with sugar soap to get rid of grease and dirt. Use a high-quality mass to fill any irregularities, gaps or cracks in the wood. After the compound dries, polish the door frame with 180 grit sandpaper.

Paint from the inside out

Start by painting the door frame, then start painting the vertical door frames. When you’re done, brush over each door frame in one continuous, light stroke to get a smooth finish.

Is it better to paint with a brush or roller?

In most cases, a brush is the best choice. Door frames usually do not have large enough flat surfaces to justify the use of a roller.

Should you paint the upper part of the door frame even if you can’t see it?

This is a matter of individual preferences. Usually, the upper part of the frame is painted only where it is visible, for example when we go down the stairs. However, if you decide to devote time and effort to painting the door and the rest of the door frame, it is worth going a step further and doing the job comprehensively.

What type of paint to use?

door frames painting

Door frames need wear-resistant paints because they are heavily used. If you are painting a bare door frame, you should start by applying a primer and then add a few coats of primer paint. We suggest using an oil based primer as it provides a good base and great durability, but remember that it takes longer to dry. Satin or glossy paint is usually chosen for the top coat. Both are easy to clean and durable, so the choice depends on your gloss preferences.

Do I have to paint the door frame the same color as the door?

There are no clear rules as to painting door frames and doors in the same color. White door frames and doors are a popular choice, but if you want to add something creative, you can use contrasting colors.

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