Non-flammable protective rings for the installation of stretch ceilings

Technology is inexorably moving forward, but nothing new has appeared in the world of stretch ceilings for a long time. Meanwhile, a small revolution is coming in the context of the simplest assembly elements, which include protective rings (also known as O-rings, pellets or discs), i.e. elements that prevent the foil from coming apart after cutting a hole in it. Until now, all protective rings available on the market were transparent, and the biggest “innovation” concerned the square shape.

Currently, you can purchase protective rings of any color (matching the lamp). Although black and white are in the lead – according to the sales of stretch ceilings. The first advantage of an opaque material is that you can finally see the glue on its surface better. Anyone who has lubricated transparent rings with transparent glue will understand perfectly what the difference is?

Non-flammable protective rings for the installation of stretch ceilings

Additionally, it is possible to order protective rings on special request. This applies to non-standard colors (e.g. gold or cinnamon). But you can also design other shapes or previously unattainable elements, such as an additional collar surrounding the ring for a non-standard lamp. Going further, designs for non-flat rings have already been created. In addition to its basic protective function, the ring can now be a decorative element. Until now, all lamps hanging on steel cables had a small fi-20 ring glued to the foil, which, despite being transparent, was visible and did not look attractive. Currently, you can buy a set of special protective rings for cables in the desired color and size, which attract attention with their openwork form.

protective rings

However, the biggest revolution is the use of state-of-the-art “space” materials, which make burning plastic look like concrete. Yes, the non-flammability that every PVC manufacturer wants to boast about has become a fact. You can assure the investor or architect choosing the finishing materials that not only the stretch ceiling coating is non-flammable, but also all other elements on it (ventilation grilles can also be made of certified material). We are talking about a difference of several zlotys between non-flammable materials and those that will sustain the fire. It is worth taking care of safety – especially in public buildings.

So if you have so far associated protective rings with a necessary evil, now think about the rainbow of colors, shapes and their non-flammability.

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