Modern large windows in the house: how to choose and protect correctly?

Large windows or large glazing that seem to stretch almost from floor to ceiling are becoming more and more popular in modern home designs. Not only do they give the interior a feeling of spaciousness, but they also let in plenty of natural light. However, when planning such solutions, several key aspects must be taken into account, including limitations resulting from the structure itself and the possibility of covering the windows.

Size of Windows

The maximum size of windows in a house depends on several factors. Firstly, the material from which window profiles are made. The largest windows are made of aluminum profiles that can reach up to 300 cm in height. An aluminum profile does not necessarily mean worse thermal insulation – warm aluminum profiles with thermal insulation are used. Another material is wood, which can be used to make windows with a maximum height of up to 270 cm. However, PVC windows, despite their popularity, have a standard height of 240-250 cm.

Weight of the glass

The weight of the glass is another important aspect. An average glass (4/16/4) weighs about 20 kg per 1 m². Therefore, windows with three or four panes can be much heavier. Anti-burglary protection also increases the weight of the glass. Insulating glass can weigh up to 30-50 kg per 1 m². Therefore, it is necessary to take the weight of the glass into account when choosing its size.

How to Open Windows

large panoramic windows

The way you open windows also affects their size. Lift and slide fittings, such as HS or HST, allow windows to be opened on rollers on an aluminum rail, which is also the threshold of the terrace window. Standard sliding fittings can support sashes weighing 300-500 kg, which usually limits the window area to approximately 10 m². However, with the appropriate configuration, you can create a glass wall up to 20 m long.

Protection Against Excessive Light

Large windows provide plenty of daylight, but it can be inconvenient at times. Therefore, it is worth considering the possibilities of covering the windows. There are many solutions, such as traditional external blinds, facade blinds and screen blinds. External roller blinds are still very popular. Additionally, screen blinds allow you to maintain visibility outside and at the same time protect against excessive light and solar heat.

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