Luxurious Art Nouveau mirrors – which ones to choose and where to place them?

Large and hand-made luxury mirrors in the Art Nouveau style significantly influence the aesthetics and functionality of various spaces – from private homes to commercial premises and beauty salons. Their proper selection and location is the key to full use of their decorative and practical potential. The guide below will help you choose and arrange luxury mirrors, taking into account their features and benefits for the interior in which they will be hung.

How to choose luxury mirrors?

luxury mirrors

The size of the mirror should match the size of the space in which it is to be located. Large mirrors are ideal for spacious rooms, where they can be a central decorative point, while optically enlarging the space. The mirror should fit into the style of the interior – Art Nouveau mirrors are often characterized by rich decorations and unique frames, which means that they can serve as independent works of art. The style of the frame should harmonize with the overall design of the interior, complementing its character.

On the other hand, its installation in a space dominated by the modern style (mass / serial) may have the opposite effect than intended. A mismatched mirror in the Art Nouveau style will stand out significantly and will sooner lead to the effect of “bad taste” or worse – “bragging about wealth”.

Where to place Art Nouveau mirrors?

Large, luxurious mirrors placed in entrance spaces welcome guests while visually enlarging these often limited spaces. They also provide a practical place for final touch-ups before leaving home or office. In living rooms, mirrors can be placed opposite windows to reflect natural light and brighten the room. They can also be a background for key decorative elements, such as fireplaces or unique furniture.

In a bathroom or beauty salon, mirrors are not only a decorative element, but above all a work tool. It is worth investing in large mirrors that will ensure comfort during cosmetic and beauty treatments. In service premises, such as beauty salons, hotels or medical offices, luxurious mirrors can contribute to creating a prestigious image of the company. Placing them in strategic places will help you make optimal use of light and make the space more elegant.

Benefits of installing Art Nouveau mirrors

Luxurious mirrors not only add an aesthetic dimension to spaces, but also bring a number of practical benefits:

  • optical enlargement of space
  • brightening interiors by reflecting light
  • increasing the prestige and level of luxury of commercial spaces
  • increased functionality of service spaces and beauty salons.

By selecting and placing luxury mirrors carefully, you can significantly influence the character and functionality of various spaces, while creating an inspiring and practical environment.

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