Linoleum and rubber flooring

Linoleum and rubber flooring are two alternatives to traditional flooring that are worth considering when arranging rooms. Both types of floor coverings have many advantages and offer unique properties that translate into the comfort of use and durability of the floors.

Linoleum, made of a mixture of wood flour, linseed oil, resins, limestones and pigments, is considered the healthiest and most hygienic floor covering. It is extremely durable and resistant to damage and scratches. Even a cigarette burn will not damage the linoleum surface. In addition, linoleum is always pleasant to the touch and exudes warmth, which is why it is perfect for rooms where children like to play on the floor.

Bodenbeläge aus Linoleum und Kautschuk – Muster und Anwendungen

Linoleum also gives the opportunity to decorate the floor with colorful borders and decors, which allows for individual adjustment of the finish to the style of the interior. When choosing linoleum, it is worth choosing the width of the roll to the maximum width of the room to avoid unsightly pieces. It is best to entrust the precise joining of linoleum sections to specialists who use special welders.

Another interesting option is rubber flooring. Made of rubber, mineral fillers and color pigments, they are characterized by exceptional durability, resistance to abrasion, damage and dirt. They are perfect for utility rooms, garages, boiler rooms, home gyms or workshops. Importantly, rubber floor coverings do not contain harmful substances, which is important for health and the environment.

An additional advantage of rubber flooring is excellent sound absorption, which contributes to the improvement of room acoustics. In addition, rubber floor coverings can be used for underfloor heating, which provides additional thermal comfort. Rubber floor coverings are available in the form of tiles or in rolls, and a wide range of colors and patterns allows you to create a unique arrangement in accordance with your aesthetic preferences.


Both linoleum and rubber floor coverings are innovative solutions that are worth considering when choosing floor coverings for rooms. Their durability, resistance to damage, ease of cleaning and attractive design make them ideal for use in both residential and commercial spaces. Both types of floor coverings offer excellent parameters and are in line with the trends of ecological and functional interior design.

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