Installation and finishing of wooden stairs

Stairs are an attractive and functional element of equipment in single-family houses. Installation and finishing of wooden stairs, however, requires proper attention and care. It is worth understanding the basic principles of construction and finishing techniques so that the final effect is aesthetic, durable and safe for users. Depending on the type of stairs (regular two-flight, 90° broken two-flight, winding stairs, etc.), the construction may be slightly different.

It is important to maintain the proper stability and strength of the stairs so that they can serve for many years without problems. Placing begins with setting the construction pole in the right place. Subsequent steps are then applied from the level of the lower storey. It is important that each step is offset from the previous one by the same distance. Steps are also most often made of wood, which gives the stairs a natural and warm character.

Finishing and final design

After assembly, the stairs require a proper finish. There are several options, such as painting the wood with a stain, leaving the natural color or applying varnish. Regardless of the choice, the varnish must create a durable coating resistant to abrasion, scratches and dents. You can choose from polyurethane and acrylic varnishes, which are hardened with UV rays. Steps that are particularly exposed to abrasion should be varnished three times to ensure their proper protection.

There are several important aspects to consider when designing wooden stairs. The height of the storey of the house determines the number of steps. The minimum usable width of the run should be 70 cm, and of the landing 80 cm. The maximum step height is 20 cm. Winding stairs require more precise design, especially when it comes to the width of the steps at the outer and inner cheeks.

If the budget does not allow to order stairs according to an individual design, there is an option to buy ready-made stairs. They are available in different sizes and made of solid, bent or glued wood or steel. The assembly of ready-made stairs is easier, because they consist of repeatable modules. Manufacturers also offer assembly instructions, which makes it easy to install the stairs yourself.

Installation and finishing of wooden stairs – summary

Wooden stairs are a beautiful and functional element of home furnishings. Their assembly and finishing requires appropriate knowledge and care, but the final effect will certainly reward the effort put into this process. You have to remember about the safety of users and choose the right structure and finish so that the stairs serve for many years.

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