In fact, bedroom lighting – an atmospheric place of rest

The bedroom is a room where we regenerate and relax after a stressful day. Although we often ignore lighting in our arrangement plans, it plays a key role in the bedroom. To create the perfect atmosphere and comfortable conditions for rest, it is worth paying some attention to it.

Modern lifestyle brings with it more and more frequent problems with insomnia, so properly selected bedroom design and lighting are of key importance. Well-chosen lighting can help create a soothing atmosphere, calming us down before bed.

Bedroom lighting – “light thinking”

The key concept is “Light Thinking” – awareness of how to influence the atmosphere in a room using light. The color, type and intensity of light affect our well-being. Therefore, when designing a bedroom, it is worth taking these aspects into account. Bedside lamps are crucial in the bedroom. We have to decide whether lamplights should be decorative or a practical source of light for reading before going to bed. Lamps next to the bed should have an adjustable shade to adjust the direction of light to our needs.

Lighting brightness is also important. It is better to choose fixtures with a recessed light source that do not dazzle. Lampshades made of subtly translucent glass perfectly disperse the light, creating a pleasant atmosphere. It is worth investing in several light sources in the bedroom, not just one general lighting. Thanks to this, you can properly illuminate every corner of the room, adjusting the mood to current needs.

Color and propagation of light

The color of light is of great importance. Bedroom lighting should emit warm light with a color of 2700-3000 K, which promotes relaxation. Let’s avoid cold light, which stimulates the body. Let’s make sure that the light is distributed evenly to avoid glare, which is especially important in rooms where we want to relax. Let’s avoid too much lighting, which could distract us.

When designing bedroom lighting, it is worth considering a few key questions. How often do we read before bed and where do we like to do it? Is our bedroom supposed to be decorative or do we focus on practicality? When designing bedroom lighting, let’s adopt “Light Thinking” as a philosophy. Thanks to properly selected lighting, we can create a unique atmosphere that promotes relaxation and healthy sleep.

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