How to use polystyrene concrete in a modern way?

Expanded polystyrene, an increasingly used building material, is gaining recognition due to its insulating properties, strength and wide application in various fields of construction. In this press release, we will present the properties, applications and cost comparison of polystyrene concrete with other materials.

Polystyrene concrete, also known as lightweight concrete, is a mixture of expanded polystyrene granules, water and cement. Its main applications include floor screeds, ceilings, thermal and acoustic insulation and leveling compounds. It gives the opportunity to replace traditional materials, such as polystyrene, polystyrene or expanded clay concrete.

What is polystyrene?

Polystyrene screeds are prepared in two ways: by mixing polystyrene granules, water and cement, or by combining granules with sand, water and cement. It is important to keep the correct proportions of the ingredients and the mixing time not exceeding 5 minutes. The thickness of the screed should be about 5 cm, and the angle of inclination should not exceed 30°. The polystyrene concrete dries for 24 hours, and the drying process should not be mechanically supported.


Polystyrene concrete shows better properties than polystyrene screeds, especially when it comes to compressive strength, leveling subsidence and weight parameters. Polystyrene screeds do not require additional structural reinforcements, such as steel mesh or polyethylene foil. The properties of polystyrene concrete include low weight (1 m³ weighs approx. 150 kg), easy processing, high screed hardness, no thermal bridges, as well as savings resulting from the use of this material. Styroconcrete is also non-flammable, absorbs noise well, is characterized by high thermal insulation parameters, is resistant to moisture, mold and fungus and long-term compression.


One of the main advantages of expanded polystyrene is lower costs compared to other materials. The price of 1 m³ of polystyrene concrete is about PLN 250, while anhydrite screed on the same surface costs about PLN 800. Labor costs should be added to the price of materials if the work is outsourced to professionals.

Polystyrene – summary

To sum up, polystyrene concrete is a modern and innovative building material that is gaining more and more recognition on the construction market. Thanks to its properties, such as strength, insulation, economy and wide application, polystyrene concrete is becoming an increasingly popular solution in both residential and commercial construction. Its undoubted advantage is also lower costs compared to other materials, which makes polystyrene concrete an attractive alternative for investors and contractors in the construction sector.

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