How to put reinforced concrete stairs?

Reinforced concrete stairs are a popular solution not only in single-family housing, but also in multi-family housing, due to their low price, fire resistance and ease of giving the desired shape. They can be molded on site, which is optimal when erecting a wall.

Reinforced concrete stairs are mounted on a solid wall, in practice – load-bearing. If this is not possible due to the lack of suitable space, large-size prefabricated stairs, typical for multi-family buildings, can be used. They consist of entire running and landing plates. Their installation requires the use of a crane and access from above, so work should be done before the ceiling is laid.


One of the available solutions are ready-made prefabricated reinforced concrete stairs, which can be made of small- or large-size elements. In single-family housing, those made of smaller elements, in the form of single steps, are often used. . The installation of such steps takes place during the erection of the wall, leaving appropriate furrows in it, at least 20 cm deep or even 25 cm in the case of a flight width greater than 1 m.


In general, reinforced concrete stairs require the finishing of the treads and risers, as well as the plinth of the wall directly above them. The choice of finishing materials is wide, which is one of the advantages of this solution. Treads should be covered with abrasion-resistant material, such as ceramic (terracotta), stoneware or clinker tiles. In more sophisticated projects, marble or granite can be used, and in the case of striving for a friendlier look – oak wood.

In addition to these materials, it is possible to use a textile lining, giving the steps a feeling of softness and warmth. On the other hand, it is worth finishing the risers with a material resistant to impact and not too bright, to avoid cracks and dirt, which are clearly visible when entering.

Is it worth using reinforced concrete stairs?

reinforced concrete stairs

With the development of the construction market, reinforced concrete stairs are still gaining in popularity, thanks to their functionality, durability and personalization options. The availability of various solutions that allow adaptation to various needs and requirements makes reinforced concrete stairs an attractive option for investors and individual users. The choice of appropriate finishing materials and precise adjustment to a specific building design guarantee satisfaction and long-term use. A wide range of available prefabricated elements and assembly methods allows the use of reinforced concrete stairs in both single-family and multi-family buildings.

Fire resistance, ease of assembly and the ability to give the desired shape make reinforced concrete stairs a reliable solution for a variety of applications. Thanks to the flexibility in the choice of finishes and a wide range of available materials, reinforced concrete stairs are a practical and aesthetic solution for various construction needs.

Reinforced concrete stairs – summary

In the context of today’s construction market, investors and individual users are looking for solutions that guarantee functionality, durability and aesthetics. Reinforced concrete stairs meet these criteria, while offering competitive prices and expert support in the field of design and assembly. As the construction market evolves, reinforced concrete stairs will continue to be a popular option for a wide range of applications, providing safety, comfort and a unique look for years to come.

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