How to lay decorative stone correctly?

Natural or artificial decorative stone is successfully used in various rooms, both modern and traditional. It is a material that fits perfectly with other materials, such as glass, wood or plaster. In the article, we present practical advice on how to prepare the wall and how to lay decorative stone.

Thanks to its unique structure and color, decorative stone allows you to create an original finish for walls and floors, as well as decorative elements such as fireplaces or bathrooms. In the article, we will discuss selection of the right type of stone, preparation of the surface for laying, selection of glue and laying techniques that will allow you to achieve a professional final effect.

Wall preparation

Preparing the wall is very important for the decorative stone to hold well and present itself aesthetically. First, clean the wall of any dirt and remove peeling paint. If there are cavities on the wall, they should be filled with putty. Then the wall should be primed to improve adhesion. On a well-prepared surface, you can start laying the stone.

Laying decorative stone

Before laying decorative stone, check that it has no defects and that its edges are even. Next, clean the surface of the stone that will be in contact with the adhesive with a wire brush. Decorative stone tiles can be cut with an angle grinder with a stone cutting disc. It is also important to mix material from several different packages in order to maintain uniform coloring over the entire surface of the wall.

Gluing decorative stone

Gluing decorative stone can be carried out in two ways. The first way is to apply the glue on the tiles in spots or evenly with a spatula and press them to the substrate. The second way is to apply glue to the wall with a notched trowel. In this method, it is easier to avoid accidental soiling of the tiles. After the glue is completely dry, you can start filling the joints. Joints can be filled with special masses or grouts.

Decorative stone protection

decorative stone

After filling the joints and completely drying the glue, the wall is protected against dirt and moisture. To do this, spray the stone with impregnation, which will make it easier to keep it clean. The impregnation will keep the original appearance of the stone for a long time.


If you want to cover part of the wall with decorative stone, you must remember to carefully prepare the surface. It should be cleaned of dirt and any paint chips removed. Then the surface should be leveled and covered with a primer. After waiting 24 hours, you can start laying the stones, ensuring that they are uniform and free of defects. The stone can be cut with an angle grinder, and one of two methods can be used when gluing. After the joint is completely dry, the wall should be protected with an impregnant, which will make it easier to keep it clean. It is important to carefully plan the laying of stones and remember to place furrows for electrical cables.

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