How to install an electric fireplace?

Fireplaces are a source of warmth, light and comfort, especially when the weather brings heavy rains, strong winds or snowstorms. However, traditional wood burning fireplaces require a lot of maintenance and are expensive to install. Gas fireplaces are not that difficult to maintain, but in most cases you still need to hire a professional for installation. If you’re looking for the ambience and aesthetic appeal of your fireplace, but don’t want to pay high installation prices, an electric fireplace is a good choice.

Electric fireplaces are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive, and an experienced DIYer can install them himself. Think about whether you want to install an electric fireplace on a wall or inside a wall, then use this guide to learn how to install an electric fireplace in your home?

Choosing a method of installing an electric fireplace

The simplest method is to install an electric fireplace on the wall. This requires mounting the mounting brackets directly on the wall and then fixing it on the brackets. You can also choose to install the fireplace in the wall. This method is more complicated, but it looks better because most of the fireplace is hidden inside the wall.

Tools and materials needed

  • Utility knife
  • spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Measure
  • Bar detector
  • Circular Saw
  • Drill
  • Cardboard
  • Painter’s tape
  • Construction timber
  • Screws
  • Plaster board
  • Plaster tape
  • Mortar for gypsum board
  • Drywall screws

Installation instructions:

electric fireplace
Plan a location

The first step is to plan where you are going to install the fireplace. Decide whether you want to build a wall, cut a hole in an existing wall, or mount the device on the wall, then cut out the electric fireplace cardboard accurately? Place the cardboard cutout at the approximate location where the fireplace will be installed. Center and level the cardboard cut-out, then tape it to the wall to mark the exact installation location of the fireplace.

Make a hole or frame

The next step will vary depending on the installation method. If you are installing the electric fireplace on the wall, mark where you will attach the mounting brackets, making sure they are properly aligned with the posts. Level the mounting bracket, then use a drill to attach the mount to the wall.

If you are installing the fireplace inside an existing wall, you will need to build a frame to support the fireplace appliance. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the size of the frame based on the dimensions of the firebox. Cut a hole in the wall with a utility knife and use screws to attach the frame to the existing studs.

Run the wire through the wall
electric fireplace

Before focusing on the installation of electrical wiring, connect the electric fireplace and make sure it is working properly. If the device is working properly, you can proceed to the installation. If you are installing the device on a wall, go to the next step. For installation inside a wall, you will need to route the power cord through the wall.

Some fireplaces can be plugged into an available outlet, while others must be permanently plugged in. If your fireplace requires a permanent outlet or you need to install a new outlet closer to the fireplace, consider hiring an electrician. If you are experienced and comfortable with electrical work, drill holes through the posts and route the electrical wire through the holes so that you can permanently connect the unit or plug it into a nearby outlet.

Finish the fireplace wall

After running the electrical wire through the wall, measure and cut pieces of drywall to finish the fireplace wall or repair an existing wall. Install drywall, including the inside of the fireplace opening where the structural timber is exposed. Apply plaster tape and fill the wall with putty, then let it dry completely before proceeding.

Align and fasten the fireplace

A wall-mounted fireplace usually has grooves or hooks on the back. If it has grooves, connect them to the hooks on the mounting brackets, and if the fireplace has hooks on the back, connect the hooks to the grooves on the mounting brackets.

For fireplaces inside the wall, remove the glass panel and side brackets to access the fixing holes. Put the electric fireplace in place and fasten it to both sides of the frame. Once it is attached, swap the side handles into place. Add all the elements that came with the fireplace, such as crystal slags, pieces of driftwood, decorative stones or even black fireplace glass.

Install the glass panel
electric fireplace

Clean the fireplace screen and glass, then fix the glass panel. Attach all protections to ensure that the glass does not shift or shift. Finally, turn on the electric fireplace to check its functionality and appearance. If you have installed an electric fireplace inside a wall, make sure you paint the drywall for a complete finish.

When is it worth using help with the installation of an electric fireplace?

Not every task can be done alone. For example, you may need the help of a second person to put the fireplace in place, or you may need to contact an electrician to help you permanently connect the electric fireplace. If you are not comfortable with electrical work, hire a qualified professional to perform this step.


Similarly, if you want to install a fireplace inside a wall but are unsure of your carpentry skills, consider hiring an experienced carpenter or general contractor. They can install drywall, tape, fill and build the wall, or install a frame for an electric fireplace in an existing wall so that the fireplace can be placed in place. Once installation is complete, have a contractor paint to achieve the final result.

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