How to hang a tapestry – beautiful ideas for wall decoration

Tapestry is a great and economical alternative to buying a picture to fill empty space on your wall. By choosing them carefully, you can completely change the atmosphere in the room, especially if you choose a variant with a landscape. For centuries, tapestries have been fascinating works of art that not only decorate the space, but also tell stories, reflecting the atmosphere of the epochs and showing the exceptional precision of artistic craftsmanship.

This technique has its roots in the distant past. It dates back to the times of ancient civilizations, but it was in the Middle Ages that it reached its apogee as a form of decoration and narrative. The tapestry is not only a work of visual art, it is also a record of history, cultural values and individual stories of the artist.

How to hang a tapestry?

The best part about this process is that it is very simple. If you are looking for tips and suggestions on how to achieve this, here is some information that will teach you how to decorate your walls with beautiful pieces of tapestry:

  • making a wooden frame is one way to put a tapestry on a wall. You need to create four equal slats of wood that will be placed at the top and bottom, front and back. Your goal is to create a two-edge frame and two opposite sides. You can use hot glue to stick the material to them. Then all that remains is to add a string and hang your new creation on the wall
  • Curtain sticks and hooks can also help achieve the same goal. Treat the tapestry like a new curtain in which you need to make holes on the top side. These holes will have shower curtain hooks going through them. After all, everything is hung on the curtain itself, and on the wall it goes. Those of you who are not happy with the idea of cutting holes in tapestry can use clips as an alternative
tapestry above the bed
  • stick and gluing with glue is another option. You only need a nail or screw in the wall, reducing the amount of wall damage and potential mess. Using fabric glue, create pockets for the rod. Then screw a hook on one end and put a string in it, which will be used to hang the tapestry. Make sure it’s not too heavy. Otherwise, you’ll need something more solid than a screw or nail
  • a wooden handle is another approach to this issue. Cut a piece of wood the same length as the top edge of the tapestry. Using a staple gun, pin the top edge of the fabric to the trim you just cut. This is the way that requires the fewest items and is probably the fastest.


Hanging a tapestry is not only a way to decorate interiors, but also the act of conveying art, history and emotion within our everyday spaces. The tapestry on the wall is a combination of artistic craftsmanship and aesthetics, which not only adds charm to the surroundings, but also inspires reflection. This age-old technique still has a lot to offer, both in terms of preserving tradition and modern interiors.

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