How to find a post in a wall without using a detector?

Moving into a new place usually involves the need to quickly adapt the space to your needs, such as hanging pictures, mounting a TV or securing furniture from tipping over. All of these activities require knowing where the structural post is located. If you don’t have your bar finder, these simple methods can help you. We present techniques for self-searching for posts that have gained popularity on TikTok.

Most homes have drywall walls that can only hold light items. Even with anchors, plasterboards do not always support the weight of hanging things, especially in rooms with high traffic. Structural posts provide additional support and a stronger hold on the screws, which is crucial from a safety point of view.

Methods of finding a structural post

Option one: use string and a magnet

The method popular on TikTok involves the use of two everyday objects: a magnet and a string. Start by measuring the height of about 120 cm from the floor where the posts are usually located. Attach the magnet to the string and move it gently along the line at a height of 120 cm. The magnet will be attracted to the nails or screws inside the post. Mark these points to know where to hang the item.

Option two: knock on the wall

The easiest way to find a post is by tapping on the wall. Where the sound is dull, there is no bar, and where the sound is clearer, a bar can be expected.

Option three: use windows and doors as clues

The posts are usually located every 40 cm. They are always on both sides of windows and doors, so you can measure from the edge to locate the other studs in the room. Combine this method with tapping on the wall and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where the posts are.

Option four: focus on light switches and sockets

Electrical boxes for switches or sockets are usually attached to the post on one side. By tapping on the wall, check which side of the switch or outlet the post is on and use the 40 cm method.

Option five: drill a hole

After using several non-destructive methods to determine the location of the stud, it is easy to confirm it by drilling a hole in the wall. If you feel resistance, you have hit a wooden post.

Option six: try a bar detector app

stud - detection

Yes, there are bar detection apps! They are perfect if you don’t have a physical bar finder or don’t want to invest in one. These apps use a magnetometer to measure the magnetic field when the phone is near metal objects. Note, however, that they can sometimes also detect other objects, such as nails or electrical installations. Many reviewers confirm that these applications effectively help in the search for bars.

After locating the post in the right place to hang a picture or electronic equipment, you can use various tools to hang the item on the wall. so-called French hooks are a reliable solution that can be screwed to the wall and hung with pictures. If you are not yet sure what you would like to hang on the wall, the internet is full of sample arrangements. Either way, your walls will be adorned in no time!

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